Phone for Thought


Erin at The Sparkle shared this in her latest Weekend Sparkles post, and I felt compared to share it too. Have you ever stopped while in your car, out to dinner, or at your local Starbucks, and just watched  the people around you? Do it today. What you see will astound you. I’ve been guilty…have you?

Why I Left Facebook


Oh Facebook. That social space we all hate to love, love to hate. I’ve had exactly that kind of relationship with Facebook ever since I joined back in 2008. While there are myriad reasons to love the platform—staying in touch with overseas friends, seeing photos of relatives and their offspring, knowing exactly what all your […]

5 Tips for Writing a Great Dissenting Comment

Find more pleasure in intelligent dissent than in passive agreement, for, if you value intelligence as you should, the former implies a deeper agreement than the latter. Quote by Bertrand Russell

The other day a commenter dropped by Fashion bloggers and nudity…how far is too far? and left me this immature little rant: “You know what is the most disgusting part of this post? They way you end with, “I’m not passing judgment,” when this entire post is riddled with judgment. If you have a problem with […]

Fashion bloggers and nudity…how far is too far?

NSFW: Not safe for work

Is it just me, or does life seem to be imitating art at a prolific rate in the fashion blogging world? And by life imitating art, I mean fashion bloggers exposing a whole lot of skin. In August last year, I went on a little rant On Miley Cyrus, the VMAs, and Feminism, in which […]

Memory Lane


Fashion bloggers, remember when: Our brains didn’t rapid-fire hashtags like #selfie, #OOTD, and #NYFW? IFB Con in New York was the (only) big blogger event? Any #selfie required a DSLR, tripod, and camera remote? Bloggers were lucky to get into fashion shows (much less sit front row)? Designers only “dressed” movie stars and bloggers had […]

Refreshed for 2014

makeup brushes

So you may have found G&G to be a bit sketch lately. Maybe you’ve come by looking for something, ANYTHING new, and instead found a “Maintenance Mode” screen. For hours. Or days. (Because a couple times I forgot to turn it off after working with this new theme on the backend. Oops.) Sorry, sweethearts! But as […]