Spicy Tuna Poke in Avocado

spicy tuna poke

I’ve got a thing for raw foods, salads, and cold, light beverages. I blame my pitta dosha for this; all that fire requires a cooling diet, so I am naturally drawn to raw fish, rare steaks, and white wine instead of red. With summer drawing ever closer, I found myself on Pinterest looking for lighter summer […]

Journey to Self-Acceptance: V 3.0


So at age 18, my life kind of started over again. With my version 2.0 nose, newfound confidence—and utter relief at leaving the horror of high school behind—I headed off to college. Four years later, I emerged with a freshly-printed Bachelor’s degree in hand. Fast-forward a few more years, and I am working full-time as […]

Guilt-Free, Alcohol-Free Whole30 Mocktails


I’m more than halfway through my inaugural #Whole30, and like my first go round, I’m learning so much about food and how it affects the body, particularly mine. But I’ll save that convo for a wrap-up post, because this one is for the people who love their wine, love their libations, and might be looking […]

Strong is the New Skinny…and Your Personal Fountain of Youth

Another gym snap...about ti hit it!

Fitness. Strength. Movement. Stamina. There are so many words I could write on the subject of personal fitness, so many studies I could quote. But I’m not going to. All I’m going to say is this, and should you doubt me, you just get to Googling: The greatest gift you can ever give yourself is […]

WVE: What V Eats (Feel Fit February)

Paleo protein pancakes.

What do you eat?  Ah, the question of all diet/health/fitness questions, and one I’m often asked. That’s this week’s Feel Fit February topic. When I’m in a lean-and-muscular phase, friends and sometimes even strangers want to know how I train and what I eat. What I find funny is they always seem to expect some […]