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Here you go…a whole section dedicated to expat experiences, resources, and revelations:

The view at Salmon Haul Reserve, Bass & Flinders Point, Cronulla, NSW.
Salmon Haul Reserve, Bass & Flinders Point, Cronulla, NSW.

My Qualifications as an Expat
I moved to Australia after spending almost my entire life in the same southeastern U.S. city. I didn’t even move away for college…I commuted to the local uni. Needless to say, my culture shock and homesickness were hardcore. It was a struggle for several months.

My future as an expat is still undetermined, but whether I repatriate or not, in the interim, I’ve learned a great deal about homesickness and life in Australia. The Internet has been my salvation throughout the last year of homesickness, red tape, and 14-hour, red eye flightsβ€”so now it’s my turn to pass that on to you.

Where My Qualifications End
If you’re an expat looking for help or friends, or are contemplating a big move to Australia or elsewhere, I’m happy to offer links and tips. But my qualifications end there. This is my unofficial, unprofessional, unqualified attempt at helping others navigate this process. I highly recommend the help of a licensed therapist, lawyer, minister, or whomever, if you have serious concerns or issues.

Good luck and Godspeed all ye expats!

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