Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB)

In the past, I was a regular contributor to Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB), the first international organization for fashion bloggers. In addition to being a contributor, I was a panel moderator at the February 2011 Evolving Influence Conference and a panelist at the September 2011 conference.

Evolving Influence Conference

Panel moderator for The Business of Blogging. Panelists included Caitlin NiChathain, Gucci;  Keiko Groves, Keiko Lynn; Tony Wang, Post Fashionism; Gregory Shove, Halogen; Piera Gelardi, Refinery29; Craig Arend, Altamira:Models Off Duty.

Evolving Influence Conference ad
The Evolving Influence Conference was held February 10, 2011, at MAC & Milk Studios, NY.
Moderating the Business of Blogging panel. Image via Le Kiss Kiss.

Features & Articles

Links à la Mode: Weekly Roundup

* Roundup also edited by me.

IFB Link Published G&G Feature
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Flash Forward 12.23.2010 12 Days of Christmas…to a Better Blog in 2011
Stylish Priorities 12.16.2010 Friend Friday: Let’s Stay Together
Giving Thanks 11.25.2010 RSS and Sharing for Dummies—and Lazies
The Power of Words 11.4.2010 Why I’m not on Weardrobe, Chictopia, Lookbook, or Hypeed.
Coats on 10.14.2010 Survey Says: Original Content Really is Queen
Working the New Season with Fabulous New Discoveries 9.9.2010 Worker V: 1.1 (+ My Office Wear Strategy)
Fashion History, Doing it Yourself, and Breaking Stereotypes 6.24.2010 Photography for the Amateur, Stagefright-Afflicted Blogger
Thinking Fashion 4.1.2010 Your Invisible Identity
Spring Fever 3.11.2010 Return to pretty, please
The Love/Hate Relationship With Fashion 2.4.2010 Fashion’s Knickers are in a Twist
Evolve 12.31.2009 2009 Fashion MVP
Ethics and Morality in Fashion City 10.15.2009 Manscaping 101

Links à la Mode: Tech Weekly Roundup

IFB Link Published G&G Feature
It’s Time for a Fashion & Tech Evolution Revolution! 3.29.2011 A Quickie Explanation of Comment Approval in WordPress
Garments & Gadgets: Try Them On, See How They Fit 3.22.2011 iPad 2: First Impressions