Why I Appreciate Every Grey, White & Brown Hair on My Head

Sinead O’Connor, via Pinterest
Since I’ve started growing out my grey, I’ve been thinking a lot about hair, and the role it plays in personal identity. It’s impossible not to; when you are a staunch brunette and have been for years, seeing those white and grey strands—this lighter version of you—makes you not recognize yourself. So you wonder, who am I, really?

Of course, you are still YOU, no matter what color your hair, or whether you have it or not. But that doesn’t mean your identity, self-worth, and self-confidence don’t take a hit. Hair (like piercings, tattoos, or even red lipstick) is very much a part of our persona—the one we are inside, and the one we are on the outside. Can you imagine Sinead O’Connor with long hair? (Millennials, you need to Google her.) Marilyn Monroe as a brunette? Diana Ross with a pixie cut? The answers are no, no, no. We can’t imagine these women without their trademark hairdos and hair colors because they are such an integral part of each one.


As entwined as I am with my long-dark-hair persona, I recently watched some videos that gave me pause. Made me think a little differently about my hair, and made me grateful for every grey, white, and brown hair sprouting from my head. You see, we can choose hair color. We can choose to enhance our natural color, maintain it with dye, or morph into a color and an alter ego that is far from it. We can choose to go Pixie or Bob or Rapunzel, naturally or with extensions where needed.

What we cannot choose is how much hair we get, or how long it—or we—will be around. We cannot choose to have lush, thick hair, as much as we can choose to not have a life-and-appearance-altering disease like Alopecia.

Whether you’re covering your natural hair color or flaunting it, there is one thing you should do: be damn glad you have it. 



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