Louis Vuitton Desk Agenda Set Up

So I bit the bullet and purchased a Louis Vuitton Desk Agenda (DA). Since I already have the Louis Vuitton Agenda GM and a Louis Vuitton Couv Carnet, my planner enthusiasts/followers might be wondering how I’m using all three. I explain it all in the video.

There were so many points I wanted to make when I was shooting, but I forgot a couple, so I’m going to cover them here. Also, please know that I personally purchased these products; this is not a sponsored post.

  • Levenger 20% off + free shipping: Coincidentally, Levenger is running a back-to-school sale right now. Spend $100 and you get 20% off and free shipping with promo code SCHOOL16. Offer ends Monday, August 22, 2016.
  • Levenger paper quality: Very good. It’s kind of halfway between Filofax and Sessa Vee inserts in terms of weight. Using my boldest rollerball, I can see a little shadowing, but there is no bleed-through.
  • Levenger paper size: The Circa Junior size is close to A5, but not exactly A5. It’s slightly narrower, and slightly longer than true A5 paper. But the Junior size fits in the DA beautifully, and (I think) there is even room for Levenger tabs or tabbed monthly pages with no overhang.
  • No pen loop. The DA has no pen loop, and I have not added one because when I’m on-the-go, I keep my pens/pencils in my bag (organizer).


Mentioned in the video:

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  1. YAY! Thanks for the walkthrough! Your setup has given me ideas on how to better organize my MM (my current desk agenda). I’m still contemplating an actual DA & disc system, as I have a lot of spiral letter notebooks gathering dust – because they’re spiral.

    I’m digging this timed post comment option, by the way. That’s pretty cool.

    1. I do…a modest collection. I don’t how much more you will see, though. I’m not one to add a lot…I really like to keep things streamlined and I use what I have! Thanks for your comment!

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