How to Kill It on Instagram

Hi everyone, I am Bree—the style blogger behind The Urban Umbrella. Today I am excited to be here on Grit & Glamour to share with you a few tips to help you kill it on Instagram! With Instagram being all the rage for bloggers, businesses, and entrepreneurs—it’s high time to start looking at it as a powerful tool and resource for your brand, rather than just a fun social outlet. When it comes to your Instagram, you want it to be a quick snapshot for your overall brand. If a visitor comes to your Instagram, you want them to immediately understand your brand objective and your quality of content.

Create a Palette

Creating a theme or palette for your Instagram (mine is @urbanumbrella29). can be a powerful way to instantly convey the tone of your blog and content. If your colour palette is mainly grey tones then chances are your tone is dramatic, if your images are predominantly white and pink then your brand is likely lighthearted and targeting a female audience. Rather than thinking of each individual photo you post, think of your Instagram on a whole. You want your last nine images to have a flow to them as that will be what visitors first see before clicking into your images.

Image via urbanumbrella29 on Instagram
Create a palette, or a look unique to your feed


One of the best ways to improve your engagement is to become involved and active in your community. By community I mean, comment and connect on fellow fashion, beauty, or lifestyle bloggers. As funny as it sounds, blogging is dependent on being social (strange for an online industry, I know.) and showing support to others will in-turn get them to support you as well.

Skip Reposting Memes

Unless memes are your “thing” on Instagram—skip them. They instantly take your brand from being professional to appearing disjointed. If your Instagram has an overall look and then is suddenly broken up by someone else’s content then you’ve created a snap shot that shows you’re not certain of your brand’s direction. Stick to your content and only share quality images.

Pin Your Instagram Images

If you haven’t been pinning your Instagram images to Pinterest then you’ve been missing out on a huge possible audience! With Pinterest being the BEST image based search engine and a great tool to use to gain traffic, it’s definitely a platform that you want to use to bolster interest towards your Instagram.

Tag Companies in Your Photos

Another way to connect is by tagging brands in your images. If you’re wearing American Eagle Jeans, or grabbing a cup of coffee at Starbucks then be sure to tag them in your photo. You never know when a brand may see your photo, re-post it, and send a ton of potential followers your way!

Image via urbanumbrella29 on Instagram
Tag companies featured in your photos

Sign Up for Iconosquare

If you want to uncover your optimal posting times, most engaged images, or best hashtags then you may want to consider signing up for Iconosquare. This is not a free resource, but it does provide a lot of useful analytics to help you grow your Instagram presence.

Edit Wisely

Your editing could make or break the aesthetic of your Instagram account. Take the time to research editing Apps and download the ones that will help improve your photo quality. When it comes to adding lights, stripes, sun flares, or stars to your photos—simply don’t do it! If you want to create a professional look to your images then you’re going to want to steer clear of obvious edits or additions.

Image via urbanumbrella29 on Instagram
Edit…or not…wisely.

Keep a “Hashtag” Note on your Phone

Rather than worry about creating a list of new hashtags each time, save some of your most frequently used hashtags and keep them stored in a note on your phone for future use. For example, if you’re a fashion blogger and you tag #FashionBlogger #Style #Fashion #Outfit in every post then you may as well save those tags in a note. Trending hashtags can be added to your normal list of tags.

Remember to hashtag!
Remember to hashtag!

Update Your Hashtags

Every now and again, review your hashtag notes and update them. New popular hashtags are coming out every single day, and you want to keep up to date! Keep track of holidays and trends to ensure your posts are always on-trend and your hashtags are optimizing your brand’s reach.


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