A Journey of Weight Found and Lost: The End/The Beginning

So here we are, on the 30th and final day of LA’s series, A Journey of Weight Found and Lost. I hope you found it as inspiring and insightful as I have.

A huge thank you and hug to my friend LA for opening herself up to all of you and the Internet at-large. I admire you so, LA!

To those of you who may have been struggling with food/weight/addiction issues, although this has not been a scientific series by any means, along with LA, I hope it radiates a message of hope and possibilities to others.

Whatever challenges you face, know that all the strength you need lies inside of you. But should you need a hand to hold or a shoulder to steady you in your journey, simply reach out. To someone. Anyone. There is always someone thereβ€”perhaps in your life, in your class, at your church, or onlineβ€”that will be your rock and ally. You are never alone.

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Best to you all in 2016! Harness your inner power and make this the year you become who you really want to be.


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