A Journey of Weight Found and Lost: Day 21

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The word I have come to include in the cadre of words I have long eschewed—absolutes—now includes just. Because as much as I avoid the use of never and always due to the hard line to have something be worthy of discussion and be so absolutely without exception (yes, I always breathe…why would I talk about it?), I have found the word just to be terribly demeaning and deprecating.

It’s just a half marathon.

It’s just a small favor.

It’s just 10 minutes past curfew.

It’s just…

When I hear others insert just it is typically diminishing or excusing.

It’s just not that simple. It’s just one slice of cake. It’s just one skipped day at the gym.

It’s not that simple. It’s one slice of cake. It’s one skipped day at the gym.

The ruling was just. That is about the only context I easily accept the use of just.

Bullshit Story Art Print by Rachel Caldwell via Pinterest
Bullshit Story Art Print by Rachel Caldwell via Pinterest

And the truth for me, is that by diminishing and too easy to fall off the wagon. The word just often means that I am taking something of value and diluting it for my own self-soothing purposes. Or someone is attempting to have me feel that I am being unreasonable or difficult in response to their petition—typically to break a core truth I hold dear for myself.

It’s just one bite. It’s just, it’s just…it’s just.

If it is so meaningless to be applied with just…then why are you pushing so hard? If it means so much to you that you feel you must press against my own desires and state of self, then don’t sell me short with the use of just.

And I know some have been a little taken aback when I’ve gotten to the place where I have had to spell out to them the situation and my complete unwillingness to agree to their ‘just’ proposition or declaration.

 I could talk myself into a whole lot of bad choices, fairly easily, by diluting them with just. 

When I thin down my choices, I fill out my pants more fully than I would like. So I keep my resolve at full strength and I endeavor to start nicely and finish as hard as I must to those that would seek to water down my choices with their insertion of just.

Try removing just from your vocabulary. See what happens. Listen more closely to those that use just in their speech and rethink the same words without those four letters. I’d love to hear if there are AH HA moments or a transformation that begins.

I know for me it was exactly what I needed.


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  1. just is the word i’m whacking away. while getting rid of others in my vocabulary, this one snuck in and took their place. it’s maddening.

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