A Journey of Weight Found and Lost: Day 18

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Your liver can only do one major task at a time: Process fat or process alcohol.

It’s going to choose alcohol each time and store the fat when both come knocking on its door after digestion.

Yes, I drank a good bit in college, but once I moved into my adult life I was not a big drinker. And so, when the nutritionist told me that being a teetotaler was going to be the smoothest path to weight loss…it was not a big deal for me.

I have shared this with more than one person.

Some are able to embrace it.

Some deny it.

Some argue it.

Regardless, it is what I have chosen to do and when someone tells me that they cannot get those last X amount of pounds off no matter what they do, I often suggest this as a possible solution.

 Mention not drinking for 30 days and people look at me like I just asked them to GIVE ME their liver…not give it a chance to process fat instead of alcohol.  

And I’m not against drinking. I will, on rare occasion, choose to have a drink. I’ve had, I believe, three in the past 12 months. But I also know that I tend to edge up into my five-pound variance when I do. There are many tasty beverages I can enjoy that don’t make my liver shut down fat processing. And because fat is a key success to keeping me slim…I choose to give my liver a break and let it break down the fat.

If you are not hitting your goal and feel that you’re doing everything…consider not having any alcohol for a month and see what happens.

There is a reason it is called a beer belly. It has some alliteration that is attractive…but it can be a wine waistline or bourbon butt…all the same, it is the result of your liver needing to store the fat and process the alcohol instead of utilizing the fat and keeping your metabolism in burn mode.

I would love to hear of those who went the teetotaling route and became a winner at losing.

Via lucas-james.com/Pinterest
Via lucas-james.com/Pinterest


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  1. We’ve cut out most alcohol for this reason. I stick to a shot of high-quality whiskey or a specific brand of moscato I love, when I decide to splurge. I’m not a big drinker to begin with, so i’m sure it was easier for me than most folks.

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