A Journey of Weight Found and Lost: Day 12

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Free app…I still have not paid for the premium version…and I resisted doing even the free download for a very long time. I really do not know why. I was writing everything down, so it was not an accountability thing. For whatever reason I could not bring myself to sit down, sign up and get going on this. And yet I can’t imagine not having it!

The UPC reader works *most* of the time. It is fabulous to just scan and have the item entered. I can adjust—so if I ate half of something, I can change the portion or the amount eaten. I can save recipes and favorite meals to quickly enter in the future.


It is handy because I can enter from so many places—my laptop, iPad or iPhone. Compatible with non-fruit devices, too!

Learning what I was really putting in me—the amount of protein, fat and carbs as well as the rhythm of what I was eating, how much water I took in, and what exercise I’d done that day—it’s all captured in that great app and I really enjoy looking back and tracking my results.

 My Fitness Pal can help you make the best decisions, calorie wise, about what you are putting in your mouth. 

My Fitness Pal
is something I heartily recommend to anyone—wanting to lose weight or not. It is simply too easy to guesstimate low on the intake if you are winging it, from my experience. And the ‘sticker shock’ of certain items is enough to give me pause and decide if I really want it. I make far better choices by searching the database before eating. And that is not to say there isn’t an ability to lowball my calories with the tool.

The other day I was having two ounces of chicken salad tossed with my salad base (more on that later) and one of the choices said chicken salad was 87 calories for a CUP! So I’d have entered just 20 calories for my ¼ cup serving. I’m going to just hope the person who entered that made an entry error…but they ARE in there. When a calorie count seems too good to be true, I go back and find another entry that is more appropriate. Sure, I could enter in 20 calories but what is the point? It’s not authentic and if I do nothing else in this life, I want to be authentic.

The flip side is that I have also seen outrageously high calories and wonder what in the world people were thinking and again…figure it is a typo with the initial entry. I know the basics now; how many calories are expected in an ounce of tenderloin or shrimp, so when I put in three ounces and a crazy disparity is present, I can get myself to a place of reasonable information.

Now, back to that chicken salad.

One method I make every effort to employ is to ENJOY MY FOOD! And I could have half a cup of chicken salad and all the calories that go with it or I can cut them in half by quite literally, cutting that in half. So with a ¼ cup of chicken salad I’ve diced well, add four or five cut up grapes, maybe some low-sugar craisins, and a teaspoon of chopped up nuts or sunflower kernels. Put this in a deep bowl and add two cups of romaine or butter lettuce pieces, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, use a well fitting lid and shake the goodness sakes out of the container. Remove lid and guess what…I have a bit of the chicken salad in every bite and am getting a filling and satisfying lunch. It’s easy and I can take it to go…no problem! You’d be surprised how many 1500 calorie salads lurk on the menus of the world and how many 300 calorie, equally satisfying and tasty, salads can be created with a little thought and mixing well before enjoying!

If you are a My Fitness Pal user, I would love for you to share any tips or ideas about the app and if you are not yet a user, would like to know if there are questions you need answered before diving in! I’m LALALA28115 if you want to friend me on that app.


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