A Journey of Weight Found and Lost: Day 8

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DONE. I’m done. Done with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack. Done.


I didn’t say full. Because full is going to take a few more minutes. Full is a bite or two beyond where I want to be. I want to end at done where I am not actively hungry, my satiety is met and my pants are not tight from the food baby.

Done took me a LOOOOONG time to figure out. Let’s say three months. Because initially I’d stop eating far too soon. And I’d be back in the kitchen 30 minutes later. But that was (and is) okay because if I have said my dinner is three ounces of pork roast and I ate only two, then I am fine to have that third ounce. And even if I said it was three and I ended up going back for a fourth ounce, life goes on. I tracked the days of activity peaks (a long run for example) and found two days after a very long run I ate more than normal. And yet my weight stayed steady. I think my body knew what it needed and it was good, healthy food I craved, so I did what I should do…listened to my body.

But in the beginning I was erring on the side of too little. And if I do not eat enough, my body isn’t going to release the extra. It is going to hold on tight. So keeping it on a nice, even keel was really important. It is also why I have kept with five times a day eating. Twice a day I try to have something premeasured, like a container of Siggi’s yogurt or a medium apple. Where I can eat the entire thing and not worry about it being too much or stopping to measure. And if I am not hungry for the whole apple, I’ll give a deer or squirrel the remainder. I still enter it in My Fitness Pal, but it’s so nice to just hit a favorite and be done when I’m between meetings and happy to get that mid-morning yogurt in my body.

Being done is up to ME, but I appreciate the gentle prompts from my husband. If I am going for a spoonful more from the serving dish, he’ll ask if I am really hungry or just wanting more. And many times it is just the habit of scooping out more. We do not leave the serving dishes on the table unless we have company. Having to get up from the table, return to the kitchen, get food and go back to the dining room really does change how we stock our plates at meal time.

 And speaking of plates, putting appropriate portions on the chargers we now use as plates in the US is crazy. 

Image via Smallplatemovement.org
Image via Smallplatemovement.org

My husband and I eat only off lunch plates—of course we give our guests larger dinner plates—we are not looking to force anyone else into what we’ve chosen to adopt. But even in some restaurants we’ll get smaller plates to put our food onto because the Flintstone size portions when we eat out make me look more like Fred than Wilma.

It took a while to hear my body say it was satisfied and that is when I am done. See what you can detect with your body on done.

What works best for you?

With me, I can say done on fewer calories with shellfish, beans and raw spinach. I say done for a very long time when I’ve had healthy fats like avocado, full fat cheese or beef. Give me bread and I will not only eat more, but I’ll want more much sooner. I avoid bread a good bit and when I do eat it, am careful to pair it with dense protein and some healthy fats.

Done. Satisfied. Happy. Up from the table without groaning or loosening my pants. All good things


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