A Journey of Weight Found and Lost: Day 7, Part 2

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So let’s get down to it. What you really want to know is what I don’t eat any more. What I’ve eliminated for life, right? I get asked this with enough frequency, if I were to do the top 10, it would be a pretty low digit to be sure!

So here it is. Ready?…

Yep, that’s the list.


There is no food out there I have said is never going to enter my mouth ever again for my weight. Now there are things I won’t touch out of sheer grossness, like McDonald’s burgers with the pink slime or anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup or GMOs. But those were all things I was staunchly against even at my heaviest.

No, the thing is, I am one of those people who tend to have the magnet of self drawn to the item that is forbidden. And so if I said I was never having something ever again, I’d likely be on the news one night for going berserk in the aisle of a store tearing the food open and eating it like a bear gone wild.

For me, making a conscious choice to eat food I enjoy, have small portions of whatever I want, be mindful of the macros and be sure the calories are worth it…then so be it.

The Three Bite Rule

I did learn this awesome three bite advice from the nutritionist, and I have found it to be 100% accurate. I tried it first with crème brulee on my anniversary. That is the thing my husband and I have always shared on our anniversary no matter what.

 The first bite is THE BEST BITE! Savor it. Close your eyes. Enjoy the taste, the texture, the entire experience. 

 The second bite is going to reinforce the delight of that first bite. OH SO GOOD. 

 The third bite…your taste buds are done. DONE! 

You can keep eating of course, but there isn’t going to be the same amazing depth of enjoyment and pleasure from bites 4 through whatever at that meal. It’s just fuel, not enjoyment. And that is okay if fuel is the goal. Don’t kid yourself that it’s still the enjoyment. Now certainly, if I am eating a porkchop for dinner, I am having more than three bites. But truth be told, I don’t enjoy the later bites nearly as much as the first. I am eating for fuel and that makes it a whole lot easier to determine done.

My husband and me...making progress.
My husband and me…making progress.

Bites are not shovels full of food.

I try to use a teaspoon as a guide and have even used my demitasse spoons for certain very rich items. All you need is enough to coat those tastebuds and you are getting the three-bite-delight without the three shovels of calories.

And consider the calories.

I sometimes see these awful concoctions that are just calorie bombs and I don’t even want the three bites because in my mind that’s a whooooooooole lot of calories and not nearly enough taste to offset. Now if you want to try the monstrosity that someone brought to the potluck—go for it—just be sure the minute in your mouth is worth the calories your body is going to tally up. I’ve actually spit food into napkins that I decided was NOT worth it.

I was at a conference recently that provided ‘breakfast’ before a long day. It was a display of the most visually lovely muffins, breakfast breads and pastries. I decided I’d have half of a piece of bread. BLECH! It was awful. A W F U L. I spit it in my napkin. The person I was with asked if I was okay. I realized I had not been terribly discreet. I sheepishly remarked that it was not worth the calories at all and threw my plate in the trash. She nibbled a corner of hers, declared it was terrible and threw hers away as well (she skipped the spitting out part) and we stood there talking, and I was quietly observing people eating several pieces of this very same item without skipping a beat. One of them ended up sitting next to me in the second session of the day. I pulled out my Quest bar to enjoy and she asked what it was, we chatted a bit and in doing so I shared that I was glad I’d brought it as the ‘breakfast’ was awful that morning.

I agree, I had three pieces of the worst banana bread ever!

I could not contain myself. I had to ask her why she’d eaten if it was so awful.

Well, I’d taken it already and didn’t want it to go to waste.

No judgement, just realization that too many times in my life I’d eaten something because I’d taken it. I might not even have realized it was awful in the moment. But she had. She knew it was bad and still ate not one. Not two. But THREE pieces of it.

Won’t waste the calories and don’t need it on my waist!

Done, we will dive into tomorrow. But for today, give that three bite rule a try.


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  1. oh, do i know the stubbornness of folks who eat and drink because “it’s free.” One job cafe had THE WORST coffee on the planet. It was horrible. But people consumed gallons of it because it was free. And leftover two-day pizza and bagels that never should have existed. I C K.