Kick off 2016 with a Journey of Weight Found and Lost

Recently, I reconnected on Facebook with a friend and former co-worker I had lost touch with when I changed jobs years ago. I was surprised when she’d reached out to me almost a decade later, and even more surprised when I saw her profile picture…she was literally half the woman she used to be!

My friend, LA (yes, that’s the name she goes by), had lost a lot of weight, and had completely transformed herself in the years I was absent from her life. The only evidence I had to be sure I hadn’t confused her with someone else was her ever-present smile and shock of red hair. There was no mistaking it: a new, skinny LA had been created. LA 2.0.

So why am I telling you this?

Because one day, I jumped on Facebook, and read this post from LA:

“I get asked, a lot, what my secret is. Not what my secrets are, but what my secret IS to losing and keeping weight off.

First of all, if it was one thing, SOMEONE out there would be sitting on a big ol’ pile of cash, gold, precious jewels, and own the country continent of Australia at a bare minimum. It’s not one thing. It is so many things. And it is, to some degree, different things for different people. But over the past few months, as the questions have, oddly, begun to increase in volume and from people I don’t know especially well, I have started jotting them down. For the next 30 days I am going to share one of MY secrets each day. It may, or may not, be something that works for you. But these are all things that worked for me.

Under the guise of being a good example after being a horrible warning for so long, I will share my best practices and even some bumps in the road that I learned from and you can do with them what you wish. I started making a list and it’s really closer to 60 things that worked for me, but let’s go with 30 for now. And some are seemingly insignificant, but when I stray from them, my scale reminds me to get back to it!”

And for the next 30 days on Facebook, I was transfixed by LA’s well-written, brutally honest weight loss journey. I was humbled by her transparency and discipline. I was awed by her transformation and evolution. And I begged her to let me share it with you.

Thankfully, she agreed.

So on this last day of 2015, I wish you all a wonderful New Year’s Eve and all the best for a fantastic New Year. Revel in your accomplishments, count your blessings, drink your champagne. And tomorrow, when we’re in 2016, join me as LA recounts her journey of weight found and lost in 30 consecutive, awesome, daily posts.

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Whether you are struggling with weight or some other issue, or need a kick in the pants to get yourself back to a place of optimum health, I promise that you will be inspired and encouraged by her story, for the next 30 days and beyond.



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