ULTA Haul: December 2015

First haul video, y’all! It may never happen again, so get your fill. Picked up some things from ULTA (on a great 20% off coupon sale) that will hopefully help make me glam and holiday-party-ready!

Mentioned in the video:


  1. Vahni! Heading to Ulta today to get those Tweezerman Hair Removers because of your recommendation. I’m not Greek, but DANG! I have some serious facial hair and especially above the lip. And it’s dark too (UGH!)! I get my brows threaded and I love that, but when I’ve tried to let them thread my lip, the pain was just too much. Seriously, I couldn’t take it! I may also try that CND Vinyl Lux that you mentioned. Having long nails no longer matters to me, but having tip length shiny polished nails is just gorgeous on everyone and very practical. So I’ll give that a shot too! I enjoyed your haul because it included prices and was realistic while still being a bit glamorous. Happy Christmas!


    1. Hey lady, you will love that Tweezerman thingy! It’s really good and easy to use. Let me know how you go with it.

      Thanks for the comment…glad that including the prices helped. Oh, and the CND Vinylux…fantastic. But made even better when you use a single coat of CND Stickey base coat. You got to get that too. It makes a serious difference in your mani’s staying power. xo

  2. So I got the Tweezerman thingy and now my lip is as smooth as a dolphin!!! Seriously! You think that you get all the hair by tweezing but then you run that thing over your lip and WOW! You can see all the hair it pulled out!! It wasn’t painless…..I mean OUCH! I was crying a little bit especially right around my lip. But it’s so worth it! And incredibly enough, there was very little redness and no irritation. That almost never happens. I’m hoping that after using this for a while the hair will stop coming in so thick. That has been the case for my brows. Anyhoo, I had to tell you what a godsend this is! I’ve already turned my daughter into it! Thanks girly and Happy Christmas to you and yours!!