Our Half-Bath Remodel

Back in September, Hubby and I decided to remodel our half bathroom. Since this is the bathroom our guests use, and is plainly visible off our dining room (I know, really awful location), we wanted an elegant, glam space. Here’s our before-and-after story in photos…

Before: Poorly installed wainscoting with uneven seams that made an already tiny bathroom look even tinier. Receptacles and switches that were cut off due to the wainscoting placement. Dated, two-tone fixtures. (Sorry, we forgot to take completed “before” photos before we started ripping it all to bits.)



Hubby was eager to do the work (the man loves a project) and told me to hatch a plan. He’d do the labor, but I had to manage the design and delivery. I did, but as anyone who has done a DIY remodel knows, there were some issues. 11296805_755929711208291_2017208752_n

The sink we ordered came in shattered. The mirror we originally settled on came in cracked. I wanted sconces and there just wasn’t enough room. Then the light fixture I did choose was backordered for two months. So I re-measured, re-designed, and re-ordered as necessary.
We persevered. Or Hubby did, for most of the gutting and remodeling work. We originally planned only to replace the sheetrock on the walls. But the further he got, the more he ripped out, until there was nothing left but the floor and the toilet. He decided it would be easier to start with a clean slate, from the top…IMG_5591.JPG

When it came to picking the paint, we chose the same color for the half-bath that we used on our feature wall: Knight’s Armor by Olympic. It’s a nice balance since you can see both walls from the dining room.12135448_1482940112011201_1751994900_n

Walls and ceiling are finally up and primed. Now we/I paint…

First two coats of paint are on. Receptacle is covered. Sink and faucet are in…they were a pain too: mounted and removed twice (grrrr). We added a new toilet seat. Baseboards are going in…

Baseboards are all in. Second-choice mirror (which ended up being better) is up. Now we’re deciding on art. Nearly all the art in our home features dogs or animals, so we stuck with that theme in the loo as well.IMG_9386.JPG
You can see post-paint patching/spackling on the wall and reflected in the mirror, too. For some reason, this flat paint was an absolute nightmare; it nicked very easily. Since this was our first foray into sheetrocking, I’m not sure if we didn’t prime enough or what, but we painted, and painted, and painted. Still working on caulking and painting the pocket door frame on the right.IMG_9387.JPG

Baseboards are finished. Last coat of paint is dry. Fresh, shiny chrome hardware is installed.

Accessories and extra storage are back in place.

After: Dark grey walls, new chrome and mirrored details, and chunky oil paintings. We are finished! Yay!



  1. I love the bathroom; it’s very chic. I find myself moving to a more minimalist yet chic palette. You are giving me inspiration!

    Thanks for sharing your process!

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