Update: Target Threshold Bar Cart Restocked


Yup. You’re reading that correctly.

I’ve posted about the bar cart restock before, and it sold out again, as usual. As of today, it has been restocked again online…get the Threshold Bar Cart before it sells out. Right now, shipping is free and you also get 15% when you spend $100 on home items.

Click the photo to buy! ↓


  1. You know what! I really wanted to comment on the last post to tell you I bought it right when it came back last weekend!! I just started decorating and would love to send you a photo when I’m done!

  2. i missed all the comebaxks of this bar cart, it is now the end of april and not a bar cart in site, do you have any inside i formation if target will ever bring the threshold bar cart back? thanks

  3. hi, i missed all the comebaxks of the threshold bar cart from target. here it is the end of april 2016 and there is not a bar cart in sight, will target bring it back, do you have any inside information about it, thanks I NEED THIS BAR CART thanks