Louis Vuitton Agenda GM Review and Set Up

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about How I Stay Organized, and though I haven’t really changed my method much, I definitely upgraded it! Being a fan of planners and all things Louis Vuitton, I kind of accidentally discovered the My Little LV Agenda and My Agenda LoVe Facebook groups (so fun), which lead to what you’ll see in the video.

UPDATE: January 6, 2016: I started my own Facebook Group: Louis Vuitton Agenda Love (hashtag: #lvagendalove). Please join if you are an LV agenda enthusiast or LV collector!


If you’re into Filofaxes, planners, and that sort of thing, or you’re just dying to hear my voice again after a year…well, here you go!


Mentioned in the video:


(UPDATED January 6, 2016)


Are you a fan of paper planners? Have you been bitten by the LV bug too?


  1. Loved the video, especially since I just got a GM and I belong to two of those FB groups. To be perfectly honest and in my opinion of course, The Louis Vuitton Planner Party is awful!! Cliquey, harsh, tons of restrictions…I wound up leaving because of the borderline bullying. Just thought you should know at least this former member’s opinion.

    1. Hi Kristen, thanks for your comment! I appreciate your opinion. I have found a few of the FB groups to be a little oppressive and have left some. I wish we could just share whatever in them without any kind of restrictions; honestly, some of the admins take them way too seriously. Sorry you have had a negative experience.

      But, on to more important things…don’t you love your GM? I’m totally in love with mine after being in MM size for a year or so. I only switched back to it because my dog literally ate my A5 Filofax, and I happened to have a Personal FF also, so I just went over to that for a while. But I much prefer the space of the GM.

  2. thank you so much for your kind review! It was a pleasure to work with you & I look forward to doing it again soon!
    if anyone has any questions, I’m happy to help. Please contact me by sending a message to my personal FB….facebook.com/tiffanyewhite
    Again, Vahni….you are a doll! as a small token of thanks, I will be putting a brand new GM agenda ruler in the mail tomorrow!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment and the gesture, Tiffany! Would love the GM ruler. Also, I was thinking of a couple little tweaks to your pages that would enhance them, at least for me…will definitely be in touch with you about those for my 2016 refill. 🙂

    2. Hi Tiffany,

      I’ve seen your products in IG- @gritandglamour and would love to order some items for my planner. I’m not in facebook so is there any other way to reach you?

  3. New to LV. Would love to join your group to learn more. I just earned my PhD and received the monogram sac plat and the speedy 35 for Christmas. Next is the GM agenda planner in monogram. Still doing the research on it. I would like to buy one soon. Please stay in touch.

    1. Thanks! Just click the icon in the corner of the image…then when it opens in Google docs, click the square/arrow icon in the top right to download.

  4. Tiffany,

    I just love the items you created for GritandGlamour and would like to purchase some of your products. I don’t have a FB account so please let me know if there is another way to reach you. My contact is listed so feel reach to reach out directly.

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Pamela,

      Tiffany only receives inquiries through FB. My suggestion is that you either join just to interact with her, then deactivate your account, or ask a girlfriend on FB to help you out with contacting her. Good luck!

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