The #1 Reason You Never Have Anything To Wear

Want to know what the number one reason is for not having anything to wear?

Clothes that do not fully complement one’s lifestyle.

Spending just a little time assessing your lifestyle will eliminate any future frustrations with your wardrobe.

There’s a simple way to ensure that your clothing matches your lifestyle, but first, let’s talk about a common scenario I see when working with clients…

Saturday Night Syndrome

When I was younger I had a habit of buying expensive items (blame the student loan) then “keeping them for best.” I ended up having some great clothes (that I spent lots of money on) just hanging in my closet because I was saving them for an occasion that never came.

I was too afraid of just wearing them.

When working with clients I often see this very same thing, what I like to call “Saturday night syndrome.” Just like me in my younger years, the bulk of their wardrobe is made up of items they keep for going out in the evening or to parties—but they rarely get used. There are clothes in the closet, but not the clothes they need for things they actually do, or the places they go on a daily basis.

 A great wardrobe isn’t just about amazing clothes—it needs to reflect your lifestyle. 

I want you to make sure your wardrobe reflects your lifestyle, filled with clothes you can wear on a weekly basis. Whether you’re working in an office, transporting kids to their activities, or walking to and from the subway—and everywhere else.

No one wants to feel like they have nothing to wear, especially with a closet full of clothes. Following the next few steps will help you kiss those frustrating, last-minute wardrobe tantrums goodbye.

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Your Wardrobe Formula

If you love a good list you’ll love this. Start by writing a list of the main activities you do during a one-week period. For example:

  • Work
  • Lounging at home
  • Running errands
  • Working out
  • Night out

Next, group together activities that would require the same sort of clothes and give them a new label. Running errands and picking up kids from their activities might require similar clothes, so you may want to group them as “day wear” or “casual outfits.”

Count up how many times you do each activity weekly, and put the total figure next to your created labels.

So, if you work 5 days a week, you may have created a “workwear” label in which you’d put 5. If you go out shopping 1 or 2 times a week and have a family day out, under “day wear” you might put 3.

The numbers you have under each label represent approximately how many outfits you’d need on a weekly basis.

Remember to evaluate not only the types of clothing you need, but also the frequency with which you wear them. If you work 5 days a week, but you wear some pieces in your wardrobe more than once during the week, you may want to change your workwear number to 3 or 4.

When calculating your wardrobe formula, if you’re a visual person, you may want to create a chart to represent what you do most. If you’re really technical, maybe an Excel spreadsheet. But the main thing is for you to see what your lifestyle looks like. Then you just match your wardrobe up with your plan, an outfit at a time.


  1. couldn’t agree more! most of my clothes are work oriented (well I should not hear that in my job we have a very casual style). So I have very few clothing for special occasions (well, mainly weddings) because they are rare and often I can wear the same dress over and over again! I hate it when I can’t wear my clothes a lot!

  2. I completely overhauled my wardrobe from November to February. Cleaning, chucking, re-arranging. My work/lounging clothes are the same thing as I work from home, then I have workout clothes in a drawer, and simple casual clothes are with my good stuff.

    Mum used to tell me years ago to keep stuff for best. But then when her health got worse and we stopped going out she said, just wear it all, so my good stuff is my going out/shopping clothes.

    And since, I overhauled it, it’s all good stuff. All the horrible, old things went to the op shop. Now, it’s just clothes that make me happy.

  3. This is exactly why I always have an array of jeans to wear! Most of my life is spent working from home or running errands. Sure I go out with my husband or meet with clients, but that’s much less than my day to day needs. Still it’s hard to get just right, and I find that purchasing a few well-thought-out pieces every season really helps to keep the wardrobe fresh and interesting.

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