5 Ways to Pretend it’s Spring When You’re Freezing Your A** Off

Dang, it’s cold!

If you live anywhere in middle-to-top-half of North America, you’ve probably uttered something similar to this, (perhaps with additional expletives), this winter season. NY, Boston, Chicago…I know y’all are especially sick of it.

When the snow is taking forever to melt, and you’re wishing you could wear something other than eskimo gear, what do you do? You can’t control the weather. But you can pretend that it’s spring!

Here’s how:

tulips in clear vases
Image via Pinterest

1. Buy tulips for your home.
Don’t they make you feel all Easter-y? And since everything is dead outside (or covered in ice), the burst of color is sure to make you feel a little better. Get ’em cheap at Trader Joe’s, now.

2. Drink a piña colada at cocktail hour.
Whether you prefer the leaded version or a virgin drink, the coconut  aroma of this classic summer libation will take you back to warmer days…and maybe even back to that one wild Spring Break. Find your perfect piña colada recipe on Pinterest »

3. Get a tan.
Not a really one, silly. A fake one. Just slather on some self-tanner before you go to bed, and add another layer in the morning. Within 24 hours you’ll look less pasty and more toasty. Jergens Natural Glow Firming Daily Moisturizer is my fave…no stinky self-tanner odor, and no orange ankles.

4. Get a pedicure, and pick a summer-y coral or fuchsia polish.
Even if your feet never see the light of day, when you finally kick off the Uggs and see those perfectly pedicured piggies, you’ll feel like sandal weather is almost here. And you’ll be ready for it, too. Plus, nothing looks better with that newly-acquired tan. 😉

5. Rock some white pumps.
You may not be able to wear sandals yet, but you can definitely get away with white pointed pumps. In fact, nothing looks more relevant at the moment than a sexy white stiletto with rolled boyfriend jeans, or an LBD.

For some serious white pump inspo, look no further than Queen of the White Pumps, Krystal Bick of This Time Tomorrow

Krystal Bick of This Time Tomorrow

Krystal Bick of This Time Tomorrow

Krystal Bick of This Time Tomorrow



  1. LOL. The title got me rolling on my behind. I am loving the pants, such fitting look no one would ever think the winter season has come