Meet your new G&G contributors!

You (and I) have been inspired by their captivating writing, wit, and thought-provoking commentary. We’ve engaged with them in their comment sections (and mine), and on Twitter and Instagram. We’ve forged friendships from afar, supported each other, and stuck together through the rise and rise and rise of “fashion” blogging. We’ve joked and laughed and created bonds, without ever having met IRL.

That, my friends, is the beauty of the Internet.

So finally, this thing I’ve been itching to do has come to fruition: I’ve added my old virtual friends as new contributors here on G&G, and I hope you are as excited as I am to explore the valleys of their minds through posts that are more than just pretty pictures. There are lots of really amazing fashion bloggers out there, with wardrobes and lifestyles that make us swoon. But here at G&G, we want to take blogging back to the basics a bit. To revisit what it was that hooked us all in the first place: Us. In real life. Mostly uncensored and unsponsored.

So now, let me introduce you to your new G&G bloggers…

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Arash Mazinani

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G&G contributor Arash Mazinani

I can’t really recall exactly when Arash and I connected, but I can say this: I have always appreciated his male perspective of the female fashion world. He tells it like it is—but in that way that only your best friend can: pure, raw honesty—wrapped up in a cashmere sweater of love and support.

Arash is an image consultant and stylist based in England; if you don’t already know him through your online escapades, I’m sure you will come to adore his quintessentially English expressions and thoughts on fashion and trends for ladies…and gents. I know it will be nice to have more of the latter represented here on G&G.

Follow Arash:

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G&G contributor D.

I remember exactly how D and I found each other: homesickness. As a Canadian who transplanted herself to Australia for love, she has experienced her fair share of it, and I knew exactly how she felt. She is one of many who have dropped by G&G looking for some way to cope with the agony of missing home…but she stuck around, and our friendship grew from there.

Having previously worked as a liaison correspondent for the Vancouver Province’s Style column in her home country of Canada, and for STYLEAID Magazine in her adopted city of Perth, Australia, she recently shuttered her long running expat-fashion blog, Wear/To/Next. But, she tells me she’s thrilled to write for G&G on the sartorial scene abroad, stylish interior design, and offer savvy-Auntie type advice—and I’m thrilled to have her.

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  1. Cheers to you, Ms. V for the wonderful opportunity to join forces with you and Arash – both of you – whose writing, wit and style I’ve long admired!

    Arash, you have been a revolutionary influence in my purchasing habits after I read your post on shopping for Saturday nights (you should republish it here!) and Vahni, after the first time I sent an email to you in the early days of my expat odyssey to Oz.

    And thank you, Heather for the kind words 🙂

    Fun, fashionable, and flamboyant times ahead!

    XO, D

  2. Thanks Heather for the kind comments.

    A massive thank you V for introducing me on Grit&Glamour I can’t wait to contribute and share some of my thoughts with you, D and all your followers!

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