7 Ways Lifestyle Bloggers Irritate Followers

I’ve been at this blogging thing a while. Over the last nine years, I’ve witnessed the meteoric rise of fashion bloggers;  blog conferences that used to be hot, that are now not; the evolution of content and photography; the commercialization of everything.

And while I couldn’t live without all the blogs I troll everyday, I’ve come to realize that fashion and lifestyle bloggers do a lot of things these days that really irritate me and a whole lot of my fellow blog readers…

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Ways to Irritate Your Social Media Followers

1. Publish consecutive posts that include sponsored or affiliate link-peppered content.
Remember when we used to blog for the fun of it? When we shared stuff we like because we…actually like it? Man, sometimes I miss those days. I’m not saying I don’t use affiliate links, but I try to balance that kind of content with something a little more meaty, a little more genuine.

2. Make every Instagram photo LIKEtoKNOW.it enabled.
I know y’all need to make money, but sometimes we just want to “like” your photo without getting an email or a carefully-worded sales pitch thrown in our faces. If you’re going to make your Insta feed shoppable, then re-read #1 above.

3. Never say thank you or engage with people you don’t follow.
We’re all busy. We all have followers that we don’t follow, but appreciate. If you have time to post about yourself, then you have time to say thank you when someone acknowledges your existence.

4. Hawk every damn thing that hits your inbox.
Again, we all want to make a buck. But some bloggers pitch everything from soda, to laundry detergent, to diet programs—without any discernible or logical connection. When your blog or Instagram feed is nothing but product placement and giveaways, you kill your credibility.

If you do collaborate with brands, at least be selective. In terms of revenue, you aren’t likely to get more sales or commissions from pushing any product you get a kickback for…but you are likely to lose followers who are sick of your sales pitches.

5. Spam us with gift guides for every. Single. Holiday.
Trust me, the last thing we want to see is one more gift guide. For Valentine’s Day. For Christmas. For Him. For Her. For Kids. For goodness’ sake, please just don’t. I don’t care how sexy or cute it is.

6. Share tips on how to pack for a trip.
Like those ubiquitous gift guides, the last thing we need is another blogger telling us what we already know, ad nauseum. Roll your clothes, stuff things in your shoes, take separates, yada, yada, yada. Between print magazines, the thousands of how-to-pack posts that have come before yours, and life experience, I think we’ve got that one covered.

7. Don’t proofread.
If I had a dollar for every misspelling, every typo, every “should of,” every “irregardless,” every “your” when it should be “you’re,” I could open up a grammar school and offer free admission for all those who desperately need help. Blatant misspellings and grammatical errors make you look like an idiot! There is just no excuse for them. Blog post editors have them built into the functionality, for crying out loud! Even Instagram posts can be edited, so if you mess up, fix it ASAP.

Pay attention. Preview and proofread every sentence before publishing. And if you suck at grammar and you know it, you should absolutely be doing that, every time. If you want to be taken seriously, then take grammar seriously. It’s a huge reflection of your knowledge, professionalism, and intellect.

What are some things that bloggers do that irritate you?


  1. Another amazing post and this one made me laugh! Do not even get me started on the grammar and misspellings. I constantly see people capitalize every single thing in a post title and it drives me crazy! Hello, look it up, ladies (and gents)! There is no excuse! Remember when Ari Goldberg, at the IFB Conference (it seems so long ago), said at the end of the panel he was on, “For the love of God, use spell check.” I hear his voice every single time I come across shoddy editing and proofreading. Which means, very often! Great post. I am loving this series!

  2. Absolutely agree. Years ago I started following some blogs that looked good but they did things other than outfit posts. Since growing popular that’s all they do, as well as hawk other goods.

    I don’t give a flying fat rat’s if you get something for free (that just pisses me off) and are now trying to convince your readers how good it is and how we must have one before we die. We don’t need it and sponsored content turns me off many a blog.

    Spelling errors I can let pass here and there as we all get words wrong when we rush and for all I know the person’s first language may not be English.

    I also hate “big bloggers” who claim they reply to everyone who comments…they actually don’t and don’t realise the proof is right there on the posts themselves. I hate liars!

    Ugh, gift guides. Along with posts like “how to refresh your bed linen” and “how to dress for shopping” I find them to be nothing but insulting, demeaning put downs to me not only an adult, but as a woman who’s perfectly capable of finding out shit on my own. While I don’t mind informative ideas about packing for trips (but purely from the bloggers prospective and not the “this is what you HAVE to do” side of things), I find sponsored posts to be the problem. Because they’re hawking a product you get the stupid posts about refreshing linen and how to buy cushions. I know how to refresh my linen, I change the bloody bed and wash the sheets. And I know how to buy cushions, I go to the store, pick some out and pay for them.

    I’m finding I feel more and more insulted with stupid posts that seem to be assuming we’re all stupid, uneducated bimbos with no brain in our heads so we can’t figure out this shit on our own without the help of some blogger getting paid to hawk a freaking product.

    I’m so over some bloggers.

    1. I do get irritated by the posts that are kind of like no-brainers. Yeah, I know how to refresh my bed linens and pack my bag and boil an egg. Please!

  3. I think you pretty much covered it. I hate when those blogs leave me thinking, ooh, maybe I need to do more gift guides. But I also wonder how (pardon me) dumb some people are to really need all those things? I agree with Jewel – stop insulting our intelligence! I haven’t blogged as much lately, primarily because I am working on doing a blog layout overhaul, but also I want to think carefully about what I post and create useful, original content. I actually have fun creating original content.

  4. I stopped reading a fair amount of blogs (even some by people I consider IRL friends) because they became ad after ad after ad. The saddest thing to me is seeing someone who has an authentic voice and presence online be reduced to hawking soda and whatever brand will pay them.

    I feel like 4 yeas ago, it was all about how to get brands to work with you. Honestly, I find myself saying no far more than I say yes, at least in the past year.

    1. Me too to the saying no more than yes. In fact, I don’t even bother saying no to most of them. I just delete those stupid low-ball emails! So insulting.

  5. I freaking love this! I am a fashion blogger- but also a working personal shopper- Listen, I DO sell stuff to make a living, BUT I also just like sharing things I love- or outfit ideas..not EVERYTHING has to be an opp to make $$. That is just obnoxious!

    1. Hey lady, thanks! I think you are one of the few bloggers I know who balances revenue-generating content, editorial content, and interaction really well. You definitely don’t push my buttons!

  6. Bloggers that are out of touch with reality make me very angry. Do you REALLY prance around in those stilettos all day long? Do you REALLY wake up looking that flawless everyday? And I’m sorry, affordable clothing?!?! No, not even because that designer handbag is $100 off can I afford it on my middle class family income. I know a lot of the times it comes to quality over quantity, but a lot of women can’t afford the $200 handbag on “sale.”

    1. Hi there, thanks for your comment! I do agree that some bloggers are a little out of touch with reality, but truthfully, do we want to see reality, or inspiration? Personally, I read blogs for fashion and home decor inspiration…I’m not reading them to encounter what I do/see everyday, including how we wake up in the morning. I mean, even I wouldn’t put that out there! Some bloggers are a little overdone, all the time, but some really nail the balance between “staged” blog looks and real life. They balance the two well.

      The great thing about blogs is there is a blog for everyone. If you’re looking for high fashion on a budget, or DIYs, or how to recreate a look for less, there are plenty of blogs out there for those things. Just Google! You’ll find more of what resonates with you.

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