Oh, hey 2015!

So 2015. It’s here!

And clearly, I’m a little late with my New Year’s post, but that’s because I’ve been hot on the G.S.D. trail. Last year, my word of the year was grace, and it served me well. I mended some fences that were in a pretty bad state, and I like to think that grace played a big part of that, in more ways than one. It was a transformative year, both physically and emotionally.

Since we flipped to two-oh-one-five, I’ve been through three airports, celebrated an anniversary, gone back to work, chopped about five inches off my hair, booked a trip to NY, purged my closet, dropped clothes at consignment, and refinanced my house (well that one is in flight). So yeah. G.S.D. in 2015, baby! They say new year, new you…I’m taking it pretty seriously. I’m going to be in a G.S.D. state of mind.


If you follow me on Instagram, you know I spent most of December and part of January back in Australia with the hubs. As much as I was grateful for the time off, I came to a very solid conclusion as I tried to fill in 30 days off: I actually like working. Like having a regular gig to keep me focused. There’s only so much eating, reading, working out, and drinking wine a person can do, you know? As someone who is perpetually multi-tasking, I should really know better by now. It takes a LOT to keep me from getting bored. One thing I know for sure: two weeks is puh-lenty of time off the clock.

That and I couldn’t have lived without these things while I was away…

1. My Cuyana tote in stone leather. I carried this bag on the plane and every day in Oz. I cannot sing its praises enough. Buttery soft leather, perfect strap length, super roomy, lightweight, and in a neutral color that goes with everything. If you’re looking for a tote for travel, for schlepping a laptop to the office, or even toting gear for the kiddos, this is the best 160 bucks you will ever spend. Plus, who can argue with the company’s “fewer, better” mantra?

Cuyana tote in stone leather
Monogrammed Cuyana tote in stone leather


2. White skinny stretch jeans. Stretch being the operative word here. I’ve had two pairs before, but neither had the right amount of stretch in them, so I eventually got rid of them. I found a pair at the Gap in Australia (of all places), and I wore them again and again. Classic and comfortable, dressed up or down.

White 1969 jeans
White Gap 1969 jeans


3. Birkenstocks. You know I’m a recent convert, and I’m sure that this year, they’ll be so last year, but I don’t care. When it comes to warm weather travel and touring, they are indispensable. Not to mention they’re lifesavers on international flights that make your feet swell to ridiculous proportions. Plus, I prefer them over flip-flops for beach excursions. Finally, sandals you can literally walk a mile in!

birkenstocks, white jeans, and cuyana tote
All my faves in one outfit!

What did you discover about yourself in 2014 that can help shape your 2015?
How are you feeling about your 
goals this year, now that we’re past the holidays?


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