I love you. I really LOVE you.

Even though right now, you are hotter than August, that’s OK. Because I know it is temporary.  Soon your coolness will saunter in, wrapped in the patent slickness of night, and give that soul-sucking heat and humidity a good kick out of the atmosphere, right on time.

I love you September, not just for that, but because you reawaken creativity that has lain dormant in a lethargic slumber, drowned in one-too-many a summer cocktail fantasy. September, you arrive and jolt our synapses out of their hibernation, and like the pencil box and promise that bolstered us at the start of each new school year, we find our feet and our minds again.

September, you’ve got me…


Blood, Bones & Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton, chef/owner of Prune, New York. When a friend of Hamilton’s mother welcomed her—travel weary and desperate, at 19 obstinate-years-old—to his home in Greece, she wrote:

“Iannis…brought me to his apartment, and without even inquiring, set to work frying in olive oil two eggs with the darkest orange yolks I had ever seen…In the evening, we were joined by a friend of his, and we walked to a restaurant near to the Acropolis…Iannis, without wasting a moment…simply ordered food for the table without even consulting a menu, and so set the standard for me for all time of excellent hospitality: Just take care of everything…I forever want to arrive somewhere hungry and thirsty and tired and be taken care of as Iannis took care of us.” (p.131)

Hamilton’s tale is unpredictable and unapologetic, and a must-read for foodies. That passage (and many others) pays homage to the renowned hospitality of the Greeks—that part of Greekness that I am so proud of; the language of love that is food; the way a simple meal of real ingredients, made thoughtfully and enjoyed leisurely, tastes better than any other meal. Period.

Macy and I curled up with Blood, Bones & Butter
Macy and I curled up with Blood, Bones & Butter on a recent afternoon

And I checked this book out from the local library. My first time in a library, oh, in probably 15 years. I’m loving the freeness and recycled nature of the library again. Highly recommneded.


Haute Cuisine, a French film that chronicles the career of cook and author Danièle Delpeuch—who like Julia Child, Gabrielle Hamilton, and many other women—conquered male-dominated kitchens, one well-planned, well-cooked meal at a time. Delpeuch, portrayed by ruggedly beautiful Catherine Frot, eventually became the personal chef of French President François Mitterrand, and the film is a testament to (again), the exquisite experience that is a simple, sumptuous, love-drenched, home-cooked meal.


Where better to curl up with that book or feast your eyes on a fantastic foodie film than at home? My home reno/rejuevnation continues, weekly, inspired by images from like, the best Instagram account, ever: @frustilista, by Jenny Hjalmarson Boldsen.




Do you feel as invigorated by September as I do?


  1. I do! I am so OVER summer and this frying pan heat! The older I get, the less of a summer person I am. Get me to the mountains! That’s where I’m the most at home. I am enjoying the tactile experience of reading an actual book. AND I’m enjoying trying new recipes and breaking out the crock pot. I’m with you……simple, good food made with pronounceable ingredients and eaten in loving company……well……does it get any better than that? I’ll have to check out the movie. It sounds inspiring!

  2. It’s Spring here in Aus so we’re going from freezing cold weather to slightly warmer weather. It gets mighty hot here in aus, up to 45 degrees Celsius, but some years it’s just a nice balmy 30-35 degrees. I hate heat, I hate frying in the heat. Last year it got so hot that when I did go out it heated my jewellery within seconds of being outside and it started burning me. But then it also freezes in winter. I need to live in a place that’s a nice warm 25-30 degrees all year round.

  3. love the new layout girl. Beautiful. Blog is always so crisp and clean..which I LOVE!

    YES!! Its crazy how excited i am to be shopping fall for my clients…its cracking me up as I am shipping layers and sweaters and it is like 95 degrees out…but whatever. The cool temps will come!

    All for now.

  4. I have mixed feelings about September this year. For the past 3 years, I was in Boston and there was a noticable shift in weather, which was reinvigorating. But now that I’m living in Austin, the weather in September is pretty much the same as August. Still, there is some hope in September despite the lack of change in weather.

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