I recently discovered HUMANOID via The Style Files, and I’m kinda in major love…


I’m not sure what the catalyst was, but over the last few months, I feel like my style (both clothing and home decor) has evolved. Maybe it was the move back in May. Maybe it was the anti-Birkenstock mind flip. Maybe it’s the lighter hair. Maybe it’s all of it! Whatever the case, I’ve been dressing and feeling more casual than I have in years. Like denim/jeans casual. Flat boots casual. So all of these looks are just perfect in my eyes.


All images via HUMANOID’s Autumn/Winter ’14-’15 Pinterest board

I just wish this brand was available in the U.S. so I could easily return anything that might not work. I’m always hesitant to order anything that has to be shipped from Europe because returns are a nightmare (and expensive). But I might have to when these boots come back in stock in my size!



  1. Hi,

    nice to hear that you have found Humanoid and that you like it!

    You can order the clothes on our webshop. But if you want to buy the clothes in the US you can contact our agent in the US. They can give you all names of shops that sell Humanoid.
    You can mail her at:

    Good luck!


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