Living Room Update

I recently shared my living room makeover with you…and noted that I was far from finished with the space. Since then, I’ve procured several pieces and thought I’d share the progress with you. I think I’m almost done with this room…it’s definitely feeling more full and complete.

Hubby and I knew we wanted something “earthy” for this wall…but also something abstract. We scored with this Parvez Taj abstract birch tree print on canvas.


Up close, it’s all pixel-y. Step back, and suddenly the forest emerges. It also gave us a pop of orange…our unofficial accent color, and a color that is a perfect complement to the slate blues and greys we have going on.


I’m suddenly obsessed with all things antler and horn. I blame it on Hubby, since he procured Alfie.


Told you I was obsessed!


But this awesome cast metal steer skull was my find…another head in our living room, totally my fault! We have a killer Home Goods nearby. I hit it every week. The stock changes with regularity, and there’s so much goodness to be had.

When I saw this guy there, I HAD to have him. Now, what shall we name him?


The lamps, mirror, and new pillow below are also Home Goods finds. I don’t know if I’m happy to have such a great place for interior decor so close or not. Every weekend, Hubby and I are scouring it for new home stuff, and nearly always bringing something home.


We’re loving this new desk by our front door. It’s a little mid-century looking, but from Target, so super-affordable. I needed something that would conceal my dog’s leashes and collar, as well as Hubby’s keys, work phones, gauges, etc. They’re all tucked away in that long drawer! Please excuse the photo quality. I couldn’t be bothered to change my f1.4 lens…or take another shot. But you get the gist.

I like that I can store my footstools (see them here) under it if I decide to do a coffee table in the living room, or just need more floor space…like for a winter picnic in front of the fireplace. 🙂


So that’s the update for now. When I have more to share, you know I will!



  1. Very cozy! And I’m also LOVING the cow skulls! The one you picked up from the Home Goods is just gorgeous! Your remodel is fabulous! Serene

  2. A glamorous living room, indeed! Your furniture and decorations are really remarkable. They give your room an elegant and classy character. Your visitors must be fascinated whenever they see your living room. Fantastic job!