10 Reasons Why I Love My Le Creuset Skillet

Fact: I have yearned for an 11.75-inch Le Creuset skillet for-like-ever. Sure, there are other well-respected cast iron cookware manufacturers—like Staub, and Lodge—but for me, the gold standard has always been Le Creuset. Staub is about as expensive, but without the range of colors. Lodge is affordable, but it’s traditional cast iron and […]

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Blink and You Will Miss It

photo of a rainbow

The most remarkable thing happened last week. Amid the hazy, warm rain of a summer thunderstorm, a rainbow materialized. While rainbows seem to always conjure those somewhere-over-the-rainbow feelings of giddy fantasy (no matter how old one is), the truth is, they are not uncommon. But this rainbow, it was special. It appeared like a […]

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I recently discovered HUMANOID via The Style Files, and I’m kinda in major love… I’m not sure what the catalyst was, but over the last few months, I feel like my style (both clothing and home decor) has evolved. Maybe it was the move back in May. Maybe it was the […]

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