Mod Crushin’

Can’t recall how I stumbled upon the Mod by This Is Ground, but ever since I laid eyes on it, I am obsessed. You know this Filofax lover wants one soooo badly, not just because they speak to the Type A in me, but because the Mod (and all This is Ground products) are not only sumptuous, but unbelievably practical.

What a sweet way to tame and tote your tech, whether you’re off to Target or Thailand…

Mod organizer by This Is Ground
The Mod via @thisisground on Instagram

You can bet I’m saving my pennies for a couple Cord Tacos too. Much more elegant than using a mini hair claw to keep my ear buds from tangling, non? They even have gold to match my gold iPhone. Meant to be!

Cord Tacos by This Is Ground
Cord Tacos via @thisisground on Instagram
Mod by This Is Ground
The Mod via @umbooba and @thisisground on Instagram

And seriously, don’t we all need a Cordito in our lives?

Cordito by This Is Ground
Cordito via @thisisground on Instagram

Hey, This Is Ground, if you want me to be a tester, I’ll gladly oblige! You just let me know. 🙂


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