Pinspiration: Modern Rustic Decor

A recent move back to my house (long story) has me in full home-makover mode. I plan to share some photos soon, including the painting of a feature wall that I’m a little too excited about. Stay tuned.

In the process, I’ve also noticed that my taste in home decor has changed, again. I’ve gone through a British Colonial phase and an Art Deco phase; and also a have-to-please-someone-else-with-different-taste phase. Glad I’ll never have to relive that last one—my hubby has an excellent eye and is a superb remodeling/redecorating partner in crime. Not to mention that he has mega skillz. We make great spaces together.

I’m pretty sure that it’s all because of Pinterest, but suddenly mid-century modern is catching my eye. (Used to really hate it.) And the earthy touches of a modern rustic look have completely seduced me. (That one is really unexpected. Maybe it’s ’cause I started wearing Birkenstocks.)

All images via my Modern Rustic board on Pinterest.






 Has your taste in interior decorating changed over the years?


  1. I love Pinterest for interiors inspiration! We’re doing up our Victorian flat bit by bit and I want to do a feature wall too so can’t wait to see yours. I’m really into the all white Scandi look and my Mr likes bright colours – arguments to follow no doubt!

    1. Isn’t it so great! I couldn’t have managed my mom’s reno without Pinterest. It really helped guide my decision-making. Snippets of my home update are coming soon!

  2. I cannot wait to live in a place that I can truly decorate again. I am really hoping that our next move will allow us to ship all our stuff and live somewhere other than a cookie cutter apartment…. a girl can dream!

    I would describe my taste as modern-eco-glamour… or something like that! I have some great midcentury pieces that I can’t wait to include, and I go for greys, blue, purples (NOT bright ones) with metallic accents (but not blingy). I don’t know if that makes sense— hopefully someday soon I will get to share some photos of my own! That being said, I draw inspiration from all over…

    Speaking of, love your Pinterest collection and I can’t wait until you share some photos of your own!

    1. Hey Alexis, I totally get you on this, and I think my hubby does even more, having lived in apartments all his adult years. Since we moved back into my house, he has been on a renovating spree…and I love it!

      I would love to see photos of your style, and I can totally see the grey/blue/purple color scheme. Modern-eco-glamour sounds fabulous to me!