Two Obsessed

I have a confession.

I might have confessed this before, but this time, I’ve actually made an effort to illustrate it.

I do this weird thing where I buy things in twos…

even when it doesn’t make sense to do it. Two matching lamps or pillows? OK, I’ll give you that. But two sets of the same tea towels? The same sandals in black and brown? The same flowy tank top/skirt/pants in two colors?

Mmm-hmm. Guilty as charged. Sometimes I’ve been happy to have bought two of the same GREAT THING(!) because when it’s no longer available, hey, I have TWO. But it can make for a very boring wardrobe, that I must admit.

a snapshot of the many things I've bought in twos
because two is better than one?

And this doesn’t even come close to the twinning in my home and wardrobe. If I actually laid it all out, I couldn’t get everything in the shot. I think you get the drift. Plus, putting everything back in its place after taking the photo wasn’t fun.

Do any of you do this? How do you STOP it! Every time I think I’ve gotten hold of it, it happens again.

Too obsessed.


  1. I do this ALL the time. Whenever something actually works I buy two. I feel I have been doing this more and with consistency since turning 40. I search so far and wide for items that work. And that takes time so it makes sense for me to buy two.

    1. I think for some people, especially those who have to tailor clothing, or have special needs in the wardrobe department, this makes sense.

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Oh, I used to be SO guilty of this! I almost bought two pairs of pants just yesterday, actually… I’ve stopped doing it by reminding myself that there will always be something new to buy. Some other pair of pants will come out that’ll be just as good as the ones I got if not better. If it’s something that is as basic as basic goes, then I’ll get more than one, or if the fit/quality is the best I’ve found, that’s also when I’ll grab more than one. I’ve been trying to expand the number of stores/brands I frequent and having more variety helps curb my desire to buy more than one, too.

    xo Kimi

    1. Hi Kimi, thanks for your comment! Yeah, trying to remind myself that there will always be a new style of shoe/pant/dress that I will love just as much. The other way to re-program my brain is to think of all the new season stuff that isn’t even out yet, and wouldn’t I rather have a piece from a new collection?!

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever bought duplicates of things at the same time. I’ve ended up getting second pairs of jeans or white shirts when I find a brand and style/cut that I like simply because getting good ones are hard to find. So I can see why you’d do it for some items but not everything. There’s also the fact I don’t always have the monies to buy 2 of stuff all the time even if I really wanted to lol.

    1. I can totally understand going back for seconds. Some of my purchases have been that way. But most of my dupes are done in the same purchase. It’s like I’m terrified I’ll go back and won’t find the item again, which does happen. But sometimes I look at my closet, and I’m like, why on earth did I buy two of those?

  4. If I absolutely love something and fear it won’t be available in the near future I’ll buy two. It’s not something I’ve done even a dozen times though, so it’s not THAT bad. At least in your case you get different colors!

    1. Wish I could say I’ve twinned my purchases less than a dozen times. What can I say? Working on it!

      Thanks for dropping by!

  5. To be honest, I don’t do this in everything, however I definitely buy in doubles with selected pieces like … tank tops (pretty much always), and black denim. Surprisingly, it really takes me a looong time to find good black fitting jeans, (I am so picky, but not indecisive), so if I like it I will buy two pair and wear them close to forever before tossing them in the donation bin! 🙂

    1. I think buying staples in twos is totally acceptable, and I think a lot of us do that. But the shoes? I haven’t even shown you how many pairs I’ve bought in twos!

  6. Isn’t it funny how we all have our idiosyncrasies? I think there are probably pros and negatives to twin buying.

    I guess I would approach like this:
    -Find an amazing pair of sandals— they are brown— but wait, they also come in white!
    -Ask myself – which color am I in greater need of? Which version looks better?
    -Go with that one and then shop specifically for the other color in a different shoe….

    But hey, something says this is easier said then done! Plus, I can’t tell you how many times I think I should have scooped up a back up of certain items!!!

    1. That’s what I need to do! Like the color…on a different item. Super suggestion!

      That said, I can’t exactly hate myself for the twinning. I have been grateful a number of times to have the second item.

  7. I think it’s okay to do this, especially when you find something you really, really like. Of course, it might hurt your wallet in the long run, but the occasional double purchase is not a big deal.

    When I shop, I have to buy more than one thing. I can’t just buy one shirt or one necklace and nothing else. Why do I need to do this? No idea. 🙂

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