Nail Lacquer Love: CND Vinylux

As most of you know, I’m a bit of a gel mani addict. I really, really love gels because they are low-maintenance and virtually bulletproof. But as you gel-lovers also know, every once in a while, you have to remove the gels and give your nails a break. Eventually all that filing does take its toll.

After the holidays in January, I did just that: removed my gels and dealt with short, stubby nails while my nails rehabbed from a year of consecutive gel manis. And that rehab always begins with Nailtiques Formula 2. The stuff is magic! No matter what polish I use, I always start with a coat or two of this nail protein. It not only brings thin, weak nails back to life, it keeps healthy nails strong.

My other new no-gel secret is CND Vinylux Weekly Polish. The product was introduced last year, is available in salons and online, and it stands up to the promise of at least seven days of no chipping.

My current collection of CND Vinylux Weekly Polishes
My current collection of CND Vinylux Weekly Polishes

Although CND Vinylux is supposed to be applied to bare nails, I still use a coat of Nailtiques first, and it’s just fine. I’ve found the Vinylux formulas easy to apply, and after applying one coat of the Weekly Top Coat, my nails feel rock hard.

Here’s a shot of Desert Poppy, without the Weekly Top Coat (they just get shinier after that!).

CND Vinylux in Desert Poppy

My only complaint is that one of my favorite shades, Hollywood, stains my nails orange if I don’t use at least a couple coats of Nailtiques underneath. Other than that, if you’re a natural nail girl looking for a product with some staying power, CND Vinylux is it! Plus, it costs way less than most high-falutin’ designer polishes. Total win.

Have you tried CND Vinylux?