Ladies Weekend in Charleston: Day 1

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go back to one of my favorite cities in the world: Charleston, South Carolina. I met up with some ladies to explore the city and talk fashion and blogging strategies.

I’ve written about Charleston here on the blog before, because it really is one of my favorite places in the whole world. Here are some highlights from this trip, and suggestions should you ever have the good fortune to visit beautiful, genteel Charleston. You may have seen a few of these shots on Instagram…sorry for the duplication, but we all know it’s easier to carry an iPhone than a DSLR.

Road Trip

What do you wear when you travel? I’m always curious about what people consider “comfortable”…it varies so wildly.

For this trip, for some reason the first thing I reached for was my beloved Cult Electric t-shirt and trusty black blazer, which I initially paired with stretchy, skinny jeans. Blue jeans, traditional denim. And then I remembered why I hardly ever wear denim: It is SO. NOT. COMFORTABLE!

I never travel in denim, what was I thinking? I promptly changed into these loose leopard pants and went from a rocker look to a crazy lady look, and that’s OK. It kind of worked for me.

rocker chic for the road trip and first day of shopping
Rocker chic for the road trip and first day of shopping

Turns out I wore my leopard pants last time I was in Charleston; maybe they’re my good luck Charleston pants? That’s what I’m beginning to think.

Belmond Charleston Place Hotel

After a few hours, I arrived at the Belmond Charleston Place Hotel, aka Charleston Place. The one with The Staircase. If you’ve ever perused shops in the neighborhood of Gucci and Louis Vuitton in Charleston, then you have probably seen The Staircase and The Chandelier in all their glory as you passed by. It’s really a breathtaking hotel lobby, with a kind of old plantation glamour.

I’ve always been mesmerized by The Staircase, and have always wanted to stay at Charleston Place, and for this trip, I did. Yay!

the grand entry at charleston place.
the grand entry at charleston place. image via

Like Planters Inn and The French Quarter Inn (where I’ve also stayed), rooms at Charleston Place are a reflection of refined Southern style. They’re a far cry from modern boutique hotels; but are still homey and elegant and apropo.

Southern elegance at Belmond Charleston Place Hotel
Southern elegance at Belmond Charleston Place Hotel

After checking in, we did a little shopping, and the weather was absolutely flawless. About 72 degrees, no humidity, not a cloud in the sky. Told you those pants are good luck!

King Street, Charleston, South Carolina
King Street, Charleston, South Carolina

While there, I also got a workout in at the fitness center, which is right by the hotel’s gorgeous indoor pool. The pool opens to a fourth-floor patio that was the perfect respite after an afternoon of shopping. If you stay at the hotel when the weather is nice, you must check it out. It feels like heaven up there on a spring day.

indoor pool at charleston place
indoor pool at charleston place. image via


For dinner our first night, I suggested we dine at Cypress. After a quick change, we were off.

Outfit for dinner
Outfit for dinner

Cypress is a happy medium between causal and fine dining, and one of Charleston’s top restaurants. Be sure to have a cocktail at the second-floor bar before sitting down to dinner; it gives you a chance to see the spectacular two-story wine cellar.

A dirty martini at Cypress. With bleu cheese-stuffed olives, of course.
A dirty martini at Cypress. With bleu cheese-stuffed olives, of course.

If you stop by Cypress, try one of their signature dishes, Crisp Wasabi Tuna. Lightly breaded and fried rare tuna is served over a bed of carrots, turnips, radishes, edamame, and shiitake mushrooms, and a divine ginger-garlic glaze. If you like fish, it will not disappoint.

crisp wasabi tuna at cypress
crisp wasabi tuna at cypress

Our first day in Charleston was fantastic, and our second day, even better. There’s more to share…coming soon!


  1. Your travelling outfit does not make you look like a crazy lady, it looks good, so does Charleston, a gorgeous old town that looks casual and slow, like a sunny Saturday afternoon where you just mosey on down the street window shopping.

  2. Nothing crazy about leopard trousers! Awesome look! I too need to be comfy when I travel and tend to avoid jeans. I depend on a pair of khaki silk harems I’ve had a good few years now. They’re my ultimate travelling companion. South Carolina looks wonderful!

    1. Hi love, yeah, NO DENIM! I still don’t get how jeans are so comfy. I almost never wear them, seriously. Harems would be so comfy.

  3. I remember seeing the pictures from last time round when you went. The place you stayed looks really grand and lovely! I hope you had a great time. I spied your outfit choice on Instagram and loved it. The leopard print trousers are a great look and a little bit more relaxed than denim. I’m going to Amsterdam this coming weekend for a stag do, though I don’t think it will be as a relaxing experience as you’ve looked to have had.

  4. Love seeing your posts about Charleston! Some of my husband’s family lives not too far from there, and I’ve always wanted to explore. Funny about your travel style and not wanting to wear jeans…I tend to wear jeans, flats, and an oversized cardigan (I have one that I love that’s BR Men’s). You look perfectly pulled together! Curious as to what shoes you wore.

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