Phone for Thought

Erin at The Sparkle shared this in her latest Weekend Sparkles post, and I felt compared to share it too.

Have you ever stopped while in your car, out to dinner, or at your local Starbucks, and just watched  the people around you? Do it today. What you see will astound you.

I’ve been guilty…have you?


  1. I remember seeing this video on Google+ a little while back and it’s totally true. I think Durex are using the fact that we’re always on our phones to help market their condoms. As in we’re too pre-occupied with technology to get intimate with one another.

    You see it a lot when people are out and it’s even difficult I find to just leave it in your pocket. It’s like we can’t ‘be in the moment’ anymore. We have to capture it. I think Prince at his recent low key shows he did in the UK with his new band, banned phones in his audience because he wanted people to be present and just enjoy the music rather than viewing it through their phones.

    If you ever go to a blogging event it’s always a surreal experience. EVERYONE is viewing the world through their phone or camera. It’s crazy!

    1. It’s sooooo hard, especially as a blogger, to NOT pull the phone out and document everything. I struggle with it, for sure. It IS crazy to see how phone-addicted we all are.

      Thanks for your comment, Arash!

  2. When I went to Seattle this week, I found that being on my phone was the last thing I wanted (which is totally unlike me….I am welded to my phone!). But it told me something about myself. When I am fully engaged and truly enjoying the moment, I don’t feel the need to share it with “followers”. I texted my kids tons of photos, but IG, not much…..

  3. I’m confused by Arash’s comment, was this a condom commercial? Lol, but yeah, the video was sad (and oh so true). That guy taking a selfie during the birthday scene though… hilarious!

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