What’s your Holy Grail handbag?

I was watching some video reviews of Louis Vuitton small leather goods the other day, and in one video, the reviewer referenced the concept of a “Holy Grail bag,” and it got me thinking…do I have a Holy Grail bag?

Took me half a second to answer that one. Yes, I have a Holy Grail bag! Yes I do. Here it is:

35cm noir Hermès Birkin in Togo leather with gold hardware
35cm noir Hermès Birkin in Togo leather with gold hardware


The Hermès Birkin. 35cm to be exact. Black Togo leather with gold hardware to be even more exact.

This is my dreeeeeeeeam bag, the bag I will probably never have. Why? With a price that ranges from $14K to $22K, even if I won the lottery, I’d still feel like a lunatic spending that much on a bag. Well, OK, that’s not entirely true. If my lottery winnings were some crazy amount like $100 million or something, then maybe.

I recently read on a popular fashion blogger’s site that she had actually saved and bought her dream bag, which was an Hermès Kelly. So I’m wondering…

Do you have a Holy Grail bag? If you do, are you saving for it? Or do you hope to just win the lottery one day to be able to buy it?



  1. Probably a Birkin as well, though I haven’t given color and hardware much thought. In regards to an “attainable” Holy Grail, it’d probably be the Chloe Paraty bag. I love the shape so much, and have for years.

    ONE DAY…

  2. Wonderful choice, V! It’s definitely one of those bags that you would always be able to use no matter the season. I love Birkins as well and always find myself drooling whenever I see Rachel Zoe carrying one.

    One of my dream bags is CHANEL. I am not sure on the size, but the classic flap bag in black with silver hardware definitely calls my name. I also really like this small bow-embellished glossed-leather tote by Miu Miu. It’s so fun and feminine though the size of the bag worries me, I’m used to bags a bit larger than that.

      1. I am also a Chanel classic flap bag girl — the color changes from time to time, so I would probably go black to be safe.

        As for whether I will ever own one– I do want to save up for one. That is a goal of mine in the next couple years 🙂

  3. Any classic logo Louis Vuitton bag would be my holy grail. Nothing too small nor too big, but it HAS to be in the classic monogram, not some of these newer iterations. I always feel like if I had only ONE bag that could last a life time and look great with EVERYTHING and elevate ANY outfit, it’s a Louis!

  4. My Holy Grail is a Kelly, Retourne, 28cm, gold hardware, still working on the color. It will definitely be happening, not exactly sure when, but in my mind it’s a done deal. It will be vintage and it will be wonderful! As for Serene above, I am going to tell her to start an LV fund because I want to contribute to it. I have heard her talk about a monogram LV bag before and I want her to get one! As for the Birkin, oh my, why yes, that is on my bigger wish list, and you have picked the exact bag I would want too (high five), but I can only get one big H bag in this lifetime (I think), so it has to be the Kelly. BTW, I hope you are wearing black nail polish when you carry your LV Speedy around because that it my favorite bag/nail combination–LV monogram and black nails–and I can absolutely see you knocking that glamorous look out of the park! XO, Jill

  5. I’m like Jill, my HG bag is definitely a 35cm Kelly. I haven’t seen enough of them to know what the color or hardware is yet, but I’m leaning towards either Retourne or Box. I can just see myself carrying this bag every single day and parting with almost everything else in my collection (except my celine envelope luggage and the LV SC). I’m not married to having a brand new Kelly (many of my designer bags are used), so I have been checking out reputable reseller sites like Portero and Fashionphile to see what the cost is on a pre-owned one. There’s something to be said for using someone else’s bag and that your story is now intertwined with hers, someone you’ve never even met.

  6. I don’t have a dream bag as such, although one that was the right size and shape and had the amount of pockets that I needed and be in the right colours (blue and pink of course) would probably be the right one.

    I buy designs, not designers, so big costly brands don’t interest me, and just because it’s an “it” brand or some celebrity has one doesn’t make me want it either.

  7. As a gent any Bottega bag. I’m lucky enough to own a Bottega wallet and just love the understated design. It’s one of those pieces that’s not in your face and those in the know will recognise it. But even with a staff discount the wallet was pricey so a bag is probably off the cards for a long while. Although not completely crazy-price territory like a Birkin, it’s still quite expensive and bags for are always pretty low down the pecking order when it comes to new pieces as I rarely use them.

  8. Hello,

    I love bags, but actually I never think the Birkin or the Kelly to be a dream bag… Even the Chanel FlapBag I dont dream of having.

    Of course that If I really want one Like a Chanel, much less expensive then a Hermes, I will try to buy It.

    But nothing beats my babys Louis Vuitton… Or In pratical way, Le Pliage from Longchamp…

    Yes, I already buy 3 LV that later I sell, One Speedy 30 and one Petit Bucket in monogram and a Neverfull MM in Damier Azur, Its was to open for me 🙂

    Now I only have 3 LV and they are my babys, Speddy 30 and Noé BB in Damier Azur and a Alma BB in monogram, suck lovely bags…

    I try not to regret selling them, but if you dont use them sell It!

    Best regards

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