Best of Pre-Fall 2014

How can I sum up how I feel about these looks? Um, obsessed! Pre-fall 2014 might be months away, but I’m totally going for the big coat-over-dress-over-leggings-with-sandals like, now. The skinny ankle pant/legging was a recurring theme in pre-fall 2014 collections, so get ready. And get yourself a cocoon coat while they’re on sale. Volume is going to be, er…BIG…this fall.

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Acne Studios Pre-Fall 2014

AcneStudios-pre-fall-2014-18 AcneStudios-pre-fall-2014-12 AcneStudios-pre-fall-2014-10 AcneStudios-pre-fall-2014-7

And heeled sandals with all that skin coverage? Hell, why not. Impractical, yes, but so subtly seductive.  Of course, you could rock that look with some sleek trainers and look amaze too. Remember those Nike Free 5.0 V4 trainers I told you about? Tell me the black pair wouldn’t be sportif perfection with any of the Acne looks?

Antonio Berardi Pre-Fall 2014

AntonioBerardi-pre-fall-2014-36 AntonioBerardi-pre-fall-2014-3 AntonioBerardi-pre-fall-2014-35


  1. First let me say I am loving seeing you on the interwebs again!

    Secondly, I’m loving the pre-fall collections too!!! We’ve been looking at them at work and I’m in love. Over sized black everything? Yes please!!!

    1. I’m trying…it always seems like I go full-steam in the new year, then my inspiration fades. Will try to keep the posts coming in 2014! Thanks for your ongoing support and the lovely conversation. 🙂