Trainers for the Fashion Cognoscenti

Whether you actually train or not, the Nike Free 5.0 V4 is the perfect pair of trainers for working that dressed-up-except-for-my-feet-and-I-still-look-cool look happening in street style these days.


And if you do happen to be into fitness (we ALL should be!), I can tell you these babies are superb. Excellent arch support, lightweight, and like walking on clouds. I can’t vouch for running in them, but they handle cross-training—and everything before and after—with style and incredible comfort. Get them before they sell out…not kidding!


  1. These were the sneakers I wanted, but I was advised against them due to my flat feet. 🙁 I ended up with another pair of Nikes – the Lunargllide – and I love them to pieces.

    1. Hey babe! You know, I’m a Nike girl all the way when it comes to trainers. I’ve been wearing Nike Shox Navinas for about eight years now. I can still find them online, but this is the first pair I’ve found that aren’t Navinas that I LOVED, and I really have been looking over the years. I’m actually shocked they worked. I ordered them online based on reviews, and am so happy with them!

      Got to find what works for you, always.

  2. I love Nike shoes and I got through a pair of running shoes around every 3- 4 months (ugh!) But these look awesome. For my next pair I’ll have to try the Nike Free 5.0 V4 in the blue for sure! Thanks for the info!