What’s your mantra for 2014?

I hadn’t planned to share a resolutions post here on G&G, because, frankly, I really don’t think people care what my personal resolutions are. But after reading and commenting on Arash’s post, What Are Your New Year Goals?, I decided I would share, because this is the first time my resolutions lacked extreme specificity. And that just might be a very good thing.

In all the years I’ve been writing my resolutions (and I always do, because as I’ve posted before, there’s a kind of magic that happens when you write down what you want), this is the first time my goals weren’t something like “lose 10 pounds,” or “save 5K,” or “call friends more.” In years past, I sometimes achieved all my resolutions, sometimes I didn’t. My resolutions have always been 10 or so items long…maybe that’s the problem.

This year, those kinds of specifics just didn’t come out when I put pen to paper. But this is what did:


  • Love
  • Prayer
  • Discipline
  • Fitness


  • Alcohol
  • Swearing
  • Indulgence
  • Spending

Between the lines, the typical themes of resolutions past are still there. However, this year that list—and a single word to guide me—materialized. I shared it on Instagram, but I wanted to share it here, because it’s the first time I’ve ever approached my goals this way, and I have to say, it feels better and easier to use a one-word mantra to guide all the things I do in 2014:


Grace is a terrifically powerful word, with so many meanings, and such poise. It’s easy to remember and can be applied to all moments in life, from victory to defeat, from anger to calm, from sorrow to joy. It is truly a way to live.

“Grace is but glory begun, and glory is but grace perfected.”
~Jonathan Edwards



If you could choose a one-word mantra to guide you in 2014, what would it be?



  1. I saw your post on Instagram and loved the idea of a single word. Grace does have quite a powerful meaning and can be applied to many aspects of your life.

    Funny how you are talking mantras in this post, as my life is going through some big changes and it involves mantras and certain ideas and philosophies that I hadn’t thought of brining into my life until now. But I digress, the point of my comment is to share my own mantra/word for 2014, and if I have to choose a word to encompass what I want to do this year, i think it would be…. Confidence. I think that’s my word for this year, confidence in believing in myself, confidence to be brave, confidence to love myself as I am and believe I can do what I dream of doing.

  2. Great post and thanks for sharing my post :-).

    As I mentioned over on my blog my one word Mantra is consistency. This last year I’ve been pretty inconsistent when it came to things like fitness, having great months and then bad ones. So this year I wanted to try and combat that and making sure I stuck at things and didn’t waver.

    I love your one word break down of what you want to achieve though. It’s easier as you can keep checking back to your list and it will only take you a minute to check them and see how you’re measuring up against them.

    1. Hi Arash, thanks for popping over to share here too! As I commented on your posts, consistency is key to achieving whatever it is that you want to achieve. A little bit, regularly, goes a long way.

  3. Hmm…one word? the one that initially came to my mind is fearless…mainly because this year for me will be all about doing the things that i have put off for whatever reason..

    1. Hi Jaye…fearless is a great way to approach a new year! About seven years ago, I decided to be fearless too. I mustered the courage to end a loveless marriage, went through yoga teacher training (which was a big deal because I have massive stagefright), and after that I decided I was so far outside of my comfort zone, I didn’t fear anything anymore. It was completely liberating.

      Happy 2014 to you, thanks for sharing your word here!

  4. Vahni, good word! That was actually kind of my word in 2013! I read a lot of mbird.com and that’s the general theme…..finding grace in everyday life and situations. It’s meant a lot to me personally and in my relationships. It’s only by God’s grace I have all the love I have in my life, all the joy, and the relationships I have. If someone would have told me 7 years ago, when I was ending a 20 year marriage because I found out my husband was having an affair, and all the pain that brought me AND my kids, that in just a few years id meet a man who makes me feel more love and accepted than I ever have in my life and that we would be married, I would’ve said they were NUTS! THAT to me is grace. I didn’t deserve it, work for it or earn it. It’s was Grace. And knowing that makes me (I hope) try to be a little more gracious with others, less judgmental and hopefully with a bit more humility. As you said, it’s a small word that packs a LOT of meaning!

    Wishing your grace upon grace in 2014!!! Hugs girly!


    1. Hi Serene, thank you! Funny thing…I met my soulmate second husband seven years ago too! He makes me feel exactly the same way. Good things come to good people, that’s what I think.

      Wishing you a wonderful 2014, and as always, thank your for your support, and sweet, thoughtful comments.

  5. Great overall concept! My mantra for the past seven years has been a Frank O’Hara quote:

    “Grace to be born and live as variously as possible.”

    I should also do a post on my new year’s resolutions, but here they are in short: Write more, read more, get more fit. My husband and I came up with a reward if we stick to our goals the whole year, so I’m VERY motivated this time around.

    1. Sounds like your resolutions are pretty streamlined too. I love that together, you came up with a reward for seeing them through…I can’t wait to find out what it is!

  6. I’m going to break the mantra down for 2014 into quarters. I think I might be more successful that way. The first quarter is “Maintenance” I know, not sexy but I have been lax these last few years on the regular check up stuff so I cramming it all in the first quarter. Doctor, Eye Doctor, Dentist etc etc. Second quarter? “Organise” Whoa, no need for explanation there. Third quarter? I’ll get back to you. Fourth quarter? See Third quarter.

    1. Corinne, I love the idea of breaking your annual goals down into quarters…brilliant!

      I think your first two quarters are spot-on. I usually focus on health (annual exams) and organization (home, finances) in the early part of the year too. When you have the household and operational tasks of everyday life taken care of, it leaves plenty of energy and time to focus on ideas like “Travel” or “Do something different” or “Be more creative” for the last two quarters. Happy 2014!