My Moto Jacket Trend Fail

I like to think I know myself. Know my style. But apparently I really don’t know it as well as I thought I did. I’ll explain. Early last year, I was seduced by all those fabulous street style photos of ladies wearing moto jackets with prim pencil skirts, and flowing, […]

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What’s your Holy Grail handbag?

35cm noir Hermès Birkin in Togo leather with gold hardware

I was watching some video reviews of Louis Vuitton small leather goods the other day, and in one video, the reviewer referenced the concept of a “Holy Grail bag,” and it got me thinking…do I have a Holy Grail bag? Took me half a second to answer that one. Yes, […]

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Watch This: Her

Her movie poster

I’ve fallen out of love with movies of late. It just seems that so many new releases are filled with gratuitous gore, violence, an overabundance of special effects, or just plain stupidity. Finally, a movie with substance has come along, and if you’re a technophile and a fan of the […]

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