Current Crush: Jenny Bird Jewelry

Discovered Jenny Bird via Le Fashion’s Instagram feed, and I am loving the earthy feel of this jewelry line by Canadian Jenny Bird. It speaks to my inner-boho, ’70s-loving soul.

This HARK! Horn Collar needs to be in my life. Soon. I have a Grecian gown to wear at the end of November that is begging for this neck piece…it would be so perfect if my Fairy Godmother of Bling could just drop it at my doorstep. Yeah, I’ll take those bracelets, too.

Hark Horn Collar by Jenny BirdImage via

Here’s the 2013 Holiday Lookbook. I am so in love with the Illumina pieces as well…what do you think?



  1. Wowza! I have to admit I was getting a little sick of the horn jewelry trend until I saw this. What is the material? Lucite? Whatever it is, it takes the horn to a whole new level. It would look amazing paired with a Grecian gown! You’ll have to do an outfit post once you have that necklace in your possession.

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