Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger Survey Results

Thanks to all of you who took the time to complete the survey!

Now, let me be up front about this: this is not a scientific survey, by any means. I did not calculate standard deviation and all of that jazz. Despite that, I do think it probably very fairly represents the typical fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger demographic.

Blogger Survey Overview

You can see or print full results in the 2013 Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger Survey (PDF).

  • The survey ran from August 19 through September 1, 2013.
  • There were 130 respondents.
  • There were three topic sections containing questions: About You, Blog Income, and Blogging Details.
  • Some questions had multiple answers, and not all respondents were asked or required to answer all questions.

How respondents answered the last question in the About You section determined whether they would be presented questions in the Blog Income section, or whether they would skip that section and go to Blogging Details.

I asked: Do you make any money from your blog or blog-related activities (like a book deal or consulting)?:

  • 54.9% of respondents indicated that they DO NOT make any money from blogging. This group automatically skipped Blog Income questions.
  • The remaining 45.1% who DO make money from blogging completed the Blog Income questions, which yielded the results below.

Rather than bore you with lots of paragraphs with numbers, I created an infographic that highlights key points. Click on the infographic to see it at full-size. Please feel free to share!

GRIT & GLAMOUR 2013 Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger Survey infographic

Blog Income Results

The majority, 38% of respondents, make between $100 and $499 a month. 31% make less than $99 a month. Of 130 respondents, only 11 make enough to actually live on. And by live I mean paying the rent or mortgage for your own place, paying for insurance, groceries, car payments, utilities and the like.

In her August 2013 Fashionista article, How Personal Style Bloggers Are Raking in Millions, Hayley Phelan wrote,

“It’s no secret that personal blogs—once thought to be the purview of online diarists and hobbyists—are serious businesses now. Bloggers not only command huge readerships—they’ve also become celebrities in their own right, publishing books, starring in ads, collaborating on collections, and even hosting TV shows. Thanks to affiliate link programs, they’re also making bank on all the products and brands they recommend on their site.”

Yes, some bloggers are raking in the bucks—like .01 % of fashion bloggers are not just making money, but a whole lot of it. Rumi, Aimee, Leandra, Scott, Garance, BryanBoy, Kelly, Chiara, Tavi, Blair—those are the bloggers making serious bank. I can count them on two hands.

As for the rest of us? Well, I think the survey speaks for itself.


  1. hate i missed participating in this survey bc i fall into the majority for most of these categories. While not scientific, it’s good to see facts about how many people are truly making a living from blogging. Monetizing is HARD, & this is coming from someone who just started trying to (I’ve been blogging for 3 years and wanted to get traffic up). You only read about the same 10-15 bloggers when they do these articles, and I hope they stop soon.

  2. I’ve been looking forward to this post since you first put the survey out. The results don’t surprise me, but it does make me feel better that most bloggers are, well, like me. I had a good laugh at Phelan’s quote that bloggers are making millions off affiliate networks of all things. Yeah…right.

    1. I just clicked over to Phelan’s original post. I also find it ironic that she relies heavily on Rewards Style’s numbers. For smaller bloggers, Rewards Style is becoming less and less relevant because they’re kicking more and more bloggers out if you don’t bring in the money. How do I know? Because it happened to me and other bloggers on IFB have been reporting the same situation. So, even for smaller bloggers this affiliate network is pointless.

      Oh, blogging!

  3. I can tell you how much I’ve made from my blog for the past three years: $15. All Passionfruit sales, and $10 came from one client who bought space two months in a row.

    More and more of my money comes from writing for other people these days, and to be honest, that’s where I expect to make my money in the near and far future.

  4. leave it up to you to provide such great info, v! this is the sad truth… i hope it helps to set expectations and gives a point of reference for those concerned their hard work isn’t paying off. unfortunately, blogging to make a living just isn’t viable. thank you for this awesome infographic – i’ve shared on social media. xo

  5. I had to share that infographic with other bloggers, so many people now think that blogging will make them tons of money. My blog is now 4 years old & I’ve told people its definitely a labor of love, some of the hardest work I’ve ever done so I can support my shoe habit. It buys me consistently about 2 pair a month….after 4 years 🙂 But I still love it & wouldn’t trade those 2 pair of shoes worth of earnings for anything. Great post

  6. So interesting…. I think a lot of bloggers wished they could make more money off of there blogs but don’t have the time or know-how to do it either. Some outlets are really easy to figure out, but to really make money from it – this takes time and a lot of research. It would be interesting to know how many don’t make any money but wished they did. And I’d love to know of those blogging the longest if they are the ones making the most. As always, Vahni, Love your insights. – Katy

  7. Personally I find it near impossible to make much money off my blog. In fact I’ve pretty much given up.
    Thanks for taking the time to put together the survey and publish the results along with that great info graphic!