Still Life: (Valentino) Red

The gracious team at Valentino recently gifted me with an extra-special token of friendship: a buttery-soft, monogrammed My Own Code clutch from the fall 2013 collection…um, yeah, the bag I was drooling (and tweeting about) back in March.

I’m so fond of all the exquisite red pieces Valentino has bestowed upon me, that I thought nothing would be lovelier than to see them in composition. After all, they don’t call it “Valentino red” for nothing!



Valentino Rockstud slingback


Valentino My Own Code clutch | Tom Ford Beauty lipstick in Cherry Lush (best red lippie, ever)


Cara Couture Studded Clear Bracelet


Thank you Valentino, for the kind gesture!


  1. I wanted to say I love the clutch but I can’t just say I love the clutch because I love it all! The bracelet though, made me squeal with happiness as if it were a part of my wardrobe lol Rock that red!

  2. Wow. What a marvelous and gorgeous gift! I am a fan of red, of red leather wallets, and of you. The shoes, and now the clutch, has got me a bit green with envy. Valentino red is sheer, style poetry.

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