filofashion: Celine Fall 2013

As I admitted in How I Stay Organized, I’m kind of hopelessly addicted to my paper-based Filofax A5. I mean I capital-L LOVE my iPhone, and will be buying the new GOLD one when it drops next month (OMGeeeezy, please let that rumor be true!), but I love my paper with equal ardor. And since purchasing (or re-purchasing… I’ve had one before) a Filofax in the über-portable Personal size, I’ve reverted to my pre-Pinterest and pre-Netpage days: I’m actually tearing out and storing bits and pieces of magazines as I go. A look here, a makeup palette there, a product to try.

Before we went all digital on life, this is what I did, from girlhood on. I tore out inspirational editorials from my fashion magazines and journaled around them, or put them into notebooks to which I referred later when I needed makeup ideas, or for the simple pleasure of perusing what I considered to be the best of the season. I still have those notebooks, those tear sheets (and LOTS of magazines), and I’m thinking of resurrecting them here on G&G.

In the meantime, I’ve decided I’m going to share what’s rotating in and out of my Filofax, the products I try as a result, and my verdict on each. Hashtag is #filofashion on Instagram and Twitter. Feel free to join in!

This week I’m inspired by Celine’s fall 2013 collection. Just-below-the-knee or midi skirts with those sumptuous, smoke-colored, stacked-heel ankle boots? It’s a perfect storm of refinement and rebellion.

from my filofax: celine fall 2013 inspiration

What are you inspired by this week?


  1. We must have the same fashion blogger brain! I did a very similar post on the same day! I love the idea of deconstructing magazines and remaking them as your own.

  2. so, i just insta/tweeted about this, but THANK YOU for introducing me to the ever mighty filofax! i have plugged everything in and am starting my organization journey today… can’t wait for the sense of calm this new method will bring me, feeling it already! thanks so much, v! xo

    1. Yay! OK, so you asked me about my set up…before I can answer, which size did you get? Because my big “brain,” the A5, is much more customized than the Personal size.

        1. OK, so I use a blend of two systems. I like the divider tabs and the A5 Business Activities Checklists from Time/system. Everything else is Filofax.

          I’m set up like this:

          1. I have Time/system’s A5 Business Dividers (Subject) at the front. I don’t use all the tabs, just what I need: Databank, Goals/Projects, Meetings, Notes (red tabs); Info (grey tab); this is where I store extra forms, notes, etc.

          2. The Day/Week (black tab) follows, and in that tab I have Filofax A5 Month on Two Pages sheets for the year. I like to see my month and appointments at a glance. I keep these sheets paper-clipped together so the current month is open (with those little circle paper clips on each side).

          3. Also in the same tab, after the monthly sheets I have one Time/System A5 Business Activities Checklist, folded backwards. It sits on the left, and is folded toward the rings. Filofax A5 Day Per Page sheets for the current and next month follow. What I love about the Checklists is you tuck the daily sheets into the fold (see the Time/system site for reference) as you move through the month.So between that and your page lifter, you can get to the current day pretty quickly because the rest are tucked inside that fold.

          I use the back of the checklists to track things I’m expecting for the month…payments, deliveries, subscriptions, etc. The folded portion that you see daily on the left (when your planner is open) is where I track my payments and bills and their deadlines…I am so NOT a Quicken person. When the month is complete, all pages are folded into the checklist page, and I take it out and store it as a nice little packet, at the same time adding pages for the month-after-next to my A5.

          4. Finally, I have the grey Contacts tab at the back, followed by the Filofax A-Z tabs, and printouts of my contacts from Outlook, which I sync to/from my iPhone. This section, however, is a relic. I keep my phone updated, and since it’s with me all the time, I do use it to manage my contacts, rather than on paper. Plus, these days, there are so many numbers and details for people, I’d be printing pages all the time, and there really is no need. So I could actually leave that section out, but for some reason I like to have it just in case. Well, I also use the alpha tabs to file work stuff, or for example, under “S” I have a little sticky note listing my magazine subscriptions and when they expire, otherwise I can’t keep up. (Case in point, I subscribed to Harper’s Bazaar twice…literally have two mags coming to me, but for $10 a subscription, I just give the second issue away rather than cancel it. Obvi I forgot to check the subscription sticky before I did that. 😉 I think it was a 2-for-1 deal.)

          So that’s it! I probably could have filmed a little video, but I don’t want all my personal deets captured there for the rest of the world to see. Hope this makes sense!

          1. thank you a MILLION for taking the time to type this all out! i am going to make this my weekend project and may hit you up with a follow up question or two. the vid would have been excellent but i totally get the sharing of your personal info. thank you so, so much for this!!! x

  3. so, just read through and totally get everything you are saying. sounds great! the only problem is that I am unable to get my hands on the time/system b/c they don’t ship to canada… drat. i will have to research to see if i can find them somewhere in vancouver… thanks again, v!