WVW: Flowers and Butterflies*

Flowers, butterflies…and almostΒ no black.Β Yes. Believe it.

I recently had a wonderful opportunity to visit gorgeous Childress Vineyards in Lexington, North Carolina for the first time. I attended for the supremely elegant 50th anniversary party of my aunt and uncle, and also played photographer. I was mesmerized by the venue and can’t wait to go back; because I’m on my inaugural #Whole30 (as some of you know), I couldn’t sample a single drop of the wines produced there!

Thought I’d share a few shots with you, so this is a picture-heavy post.


*WVW: What V Wore:
Double Zara. And I don’t care.





With my favorite lady: Mom.


In the vineyard’s foyer. The details were just exquisite!


My aunt’s wedding dress is on display in the background. It sure didn’t look 50 years old!
I did not get to have a bite of that lovely cake. πŸ™


Her wedding shoes and jewelry.


A butterfly to match my dress. I saw it as I was leaving the event. I scrambled for my camera, and it posed for me!

PS: If you’re ever in NC, you must visit Childress Vineyards.Β It is breathtaking!


  1. What a gorgeous location and you look absolutely gorgeous! Love the dress and the shoes on you. I actually tried that dress on in Zara and was so disappointed it didn’t work for me as I adore the print – looks fab on you though!

    1. Oh, thank you so much! I love the dress, but I will admit it feels like I’m wearing a straightjacket. The bloody arms are so skinny!

  2. The picture of you and your mom made me literally SOL (Smile Out Loud!) I’m thinking my sister and I might have to make a trip there! You look absolutely beautiful! Serene

    1. Thanks, Serene! Glad mama and I made you smile. πŸ™‚ You definitely need to get back there in fall, after this blasted humidity abates.

  3. Don’t you just love Zara?! If you wear it with the right attitude and accessories no one will ever think it’s high street. The dress looks great on you. And what a fab idea from your aunt to display her wedding outfit. Have to tell my mum so that she can do the same on her anniversary next year.

    xx Kristina | Shopping Spy

  4. Vahni, that is just a GORGEOUS dress! It’s kind of funny – I’ve been trying to figure out is North Carolina hot like Florida? Does it have chilly cold winters like NY? The Eastern US is a mystery to me – so I just love these pics of the topography and surrounds. (PS! Zara, and I don’t care) Funny!! I love Zara. Heck, some days I love Target…!

    1. Di, NC is not hot like Florida…except for this summer, of course. We’ve had freak weather. It’s been the rainiest, most humid summer in 70 years. South Florida is hot 75% of the year, with little difference between spring, summer, and fall. NC gets four proper seasons, and gets much colder than FL, plus snow, which does not happen down there. It’s a beautiful state, NC! We have mountains and beaches, a little bit of everything.

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