Seven Deadly Sins Series: SLOTH

Remember when you first started blogging and you were so excited about every idea, every comment, every tweet? Your brain was an endless supply of content ideas, and you looked forward to crafting posts and editing photos, often spending hours doing so.

And then, one day there was…nothing.

Writer’s block. Lack of inspiration. Long days at work. Nothing new to photograph. Personal problems. Whatever the reason, you not only quit producing content for your blog, you stopped commenting on and sharing other bloggers’ posts as well.


If you’re a seasoned blogger, you have probably hit that wall and know exactly what I’m talking about. If you’re a newbie, maybe you cannot fathom the day you stop caring about blogging, or worse (GASP!) contemplate quitting altogether. But it can happen. Even if your blog is semi-popular and a wonderful source of revenue, community, and opportunity.

So you take a break. At first you feel a little twitchy and paranoid about losing followers, but then you start enjoying the extra hours in your day you aren’t devoting to writing or photo editing. A week passes. Two weeks. Four. That’s a helluva break! Now you’re in the danger zone.

Absolution: JUST DO IT

Take a blog break, yes. They are good for you, and better than publishing mediocre content or quitting. Everyone needs a vacay from their jobs, blogs, and lives at some point. But unless you really do plan to quit and never blog again, you just have to do it. Get back to it.

Break your cycle of sloth:

    1. Set a date to get back to your blog.
      I used to think you could depart for any length of time and your readers would come back, but excessively long breaks do affect your readership. You lose momentum and new readers when you take extended periods off, especially if you’re not interacting in any social media spaces at all during your break.
    2. Come back…to the back end of your blog.
      Focusing on blog maintenance is an easy way to get back to blogging, without the pressure of actual content creation. Clean up your archives, streamline your categories, tagging, etc. Install updates or new widgets. Delete spam comments. Have it redesigned or do it yourself. You know that feeling when your place is freshly cleaned and lookin’ gorge? Same goes for your blog. You feel a lot more connected when it’s orderly and pristine.
    3. Get back to the front end of your blog by responding to comments on past posts.
      Responding keeps you connected with readers, even if you’re not creating new content. It keeps them engaged, and lets them know you’re still around and paying attention. People LOVE when you respond to comments. Everyone wants to be acknowledged.
    4.  Visit and comment on other blogs, even if you set a goal of just two a day.
      Again, you stay connected with your community, so when you’re up and running again, your peeps will be back to show you the same love and support.
    5. Check resources like IFB or popular posts in other categories on Bloglovin’.
      They are a wonderful source of inspiration for future posts.

Ready, set, BLOG!

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  1. really enjoying this series, v! this has been true for me at times which is usually chalked up to a stressful personal period; it’s impossible to produce inspiration or knowledge for others to consume when i can’t dig up the real will myself! when that happens, i’ll usually let my readers know about the break along with a return date… otherwise they may feel like i don’t take their readership or my blog seriously. so true about dropping off the map completely (on social media) – that sends really mixed messages, too! x

      1. Hello lovely! I do think there is an ebb and flow to creativity, and breaks are good. You’re doing the right thing by letting your readers know.

        Even bloggers who post every day (and perhaps especially the ones that post daily) sometimes look like they’re grasping at straws. I realize they need to maintain their revenue and traffic, but I see so many posts that clearly look like fluff and filler. So I wish they’d just take a break or cut back, rather than crank out lame posts/looks.

        And yes, PRIDE is up! For your reading pleasure!

        Thanks for your comment.

  2. I lost count of how many times this happened to me! I startedy blog 4 years ago but in the end I’ve been actually blogging for much less than that! What a fool! I probably lost lots of followers and readers every time I left my blog (usually for months)! I always cry on spilled milk though:”ooh if I had blogged constantly like I do know, who knows where I would be?” 😉 don’t stop blogging, it’s really dangerous!!

    1. No point in worrying about where you could be or what you could have done, Elisa! Just focus on today and tomorrow!

      Initially (the first couple years) blogged sporadically. But since then, I stay regular. Took me a while to find my focus, and now I can’t imagine not having my blog, even if sometimes I’m over it!

  3. My blogcation was so good for me and my blog. I needed a break! I’m back at it now, but posting less frequently than before. Summer hours (:

    Love your suggestion to “clean up” the blog. For the last month or so I’ve been updating one archive post a day, cleaning, deleting dead and spammy links, improving the SEO and the like. I love it! I’m kind of amazed that I have all this great content on my blog. It makes me feel very proud of what I’ve accomplished, and of course that makes me want to continue creating.

    I love this series Vahni! Your writing is fabulous, as always, and the tips are so good and timely.

    1. Thank you! Sounds like you are back in full swing, and all the backend stuff is huge. People underestimate the need for maintenance, and we tend to procrastinate it (me included). Glad you’re getting organized and feeling inspired again. It’s nice. 😉

  4. This is something I have been suffering from since moving to Singapore…. BUT I am taking the steps to fix it! Beginning on the backend, and visiting other blogs, using other platforms (especially Pinterest and Instagram as of late)……. hopefully once I relaunch in the next week or so (new design!) I will be able to get back to posting consistently!