Union Jack Home Decor

Not a royal? Or even a Brit?

That’s OK…you can still get your Brit on in honour of the #royalbaby born this week with Union Jack home decor. It’s one of the best ways to add some punch to a room.

Seriously considering that Union Jack wall decal for US $13.84 / GBP 8.99; it comes in neon, gold, silver, and bunches of other colors. Break out the tea and crumpets!

Union Jack Home Decor


PS: So the baby is officially His Royal Highness George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.

Do you know his last name? 



  1. I love the Union Jack…my mother is disturbed by how much I love it. I’d buy that dresser in a heart beat. I believe ….(nerdy history major) that the Royal Families official last name is now Mountbatten-Windsor (after the Queen and Prince Phillip) although prior to WWI the Royal Family had no official surname, it was just the house they came from (Cambridge, York, ect.).

  2. Oh. My. God. I love all things British and the Union Jack! I have it on almost everything. I seriously considered bringing home some pillows last year when I was in London.


    1. Meeeeee too. I’m probably also partial because Hubby’s part English/part Aussie. But the Union Jack itself is such a strong design! So good.

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