FF to Fall

There are two things I know for sure:

  1. I hate this version of summer: heat, humidity, and daily rain.
  2. Fall…and fall fashion…is my fave.

We first laid eyes on fall 2013 collections earlier this year, when spring was a mere flirtation, and summer was love unrequited. Then, summer held promise; with the cold still licking at our windows, we were mesmerized by daydreams of flowing frocks, sandals, and cocktails al fresco, our bodies warmed by amber sunsets.

We had had no idea then what we were in for; our cocktails and seductive summer nights thwarted by oppressive humidity and rain, rain, and more rain (in the southeast, at least). With the humidity in full bloom and the clouds forever overhead, let us console ourselves by revisiting the best of the fall 2013 collections…

All images via style.com (and my Fall 2013 Pinterest board).

Valentin Yudashkin
Veronique Branquinho

Are you as ready for fall as I am?


  1. Darling V,

    I am so ready for that lovely transition period that takes us into Fall! We have just had such insane weather on this side of the pond that the wee one is suffering too. Plus this week we’ve just started with the whole rain, humidity thing and I swear everything I put on just sticks to my skin, ugh! Oh and add scary, mega massive flying ants to the equation too!

    I think I only love summer if I’m in Greece! Ha!
    Hope all is good with you love!

  2. Oooooh I can’t wait for fall either. I’ve been lusting over all things leather lately and well it is just too dang hot to wear any of it. Leather, lace, chunky heels and fur? Yes please!

  3. I always love the fall collections (Although Pre-Fall tends to be my absolute favorite)– there is something so complete about fall fashion!
    As for what “Fall” looks like in Singapore- I am not sure, but there seem to be enough short Fall hemlines that there will be a way for me to make it work!

  4. Fall is very fickle here in Los Angeles. Just when summer seems to be cooling down, it goes and get’s HOTTER. Summer in the southwest is usually warm and lovely, just what summer should be, with perhaps a few heat waves to send us all off to the beach. Then September arrives and summer really sets in. When the stores are filled with faux fur, sweaters, tweed and leather the people shopping are in shorts and tank tops. It’s hot in the fall here, and as much as I love fall fashion I really don’t bother buying it. By the time it’s cool enough to wear it will be mid-winter, and everyone will be talking about spring.

    So alas, I am not looking forward to fall.

  5. agreed, NC is miserable right now…..I’ve never looked forward to Fall as much as I am right now, especially with all of the amazing pieces sent down the runways last Spring, hope you are staying cool 🙂
    brooke @ what2wear

    1. Oh, GAH, yes, NC is miserable. Did we accidentally become Florida or something? What’s with all the bloody rain?!