Bicycle Chic

Ever since I got my bicycle (like any fashionphile worth her salt), I’ve become hyper aware of bike accoutrements, accessories, and bicycle chic in general. Yeah, I’m really late to this party, because ladies all over the world have been riding in style for quite some time.

These images have me dreaming about fall and cooler temps, so I can get back out there on my bike…


via Josefin Dahlberg


via Fashionising


via Lee Oliveira

bike-long-skirt via The Street Fashion 5xPro


  1. Oh hey! You got yourself a bike?? I used to live in cycle friendly town when I was at University over here and I rode everywhere, wearing everything, from evening gowns to killers heels, I cycled in the most impractical things just to be fashionable! Now that I live in London I’ve stopped as I’m just too terrified of the traffic but Mr V cycles and has been encouraging me to get back into it. I’m very glad you posted some stylish and ladylike bikes here – some nice choices! But I think if I returned to cycling I’d save my heels and carry them instead from now on!

    1. Hey you…yes, I linked to the post on my bike after you commented. 😉

      I know in Europe, people are much more inclined to bike, and in all kinds of clothing! I will admit,h however, I’m not so chic when I ride, because I am only on the bike for fun and local errands.

      You should get back into it…it’s so refreshing.

      Thanks for you comment, love!

  2. The photo of the Parisienne in five inch platforms riding the bike with the LV saddle bags is so fabulous! I’ve seen other photos of her too. Amazing that she can ride a bike in heels, but I guess it can be done!

    I’m not much of a bike rider, but it is fun and of course figuring out all the best accouterment is fun as well. Right now I really want a basket on mine.

    1. Hi Heather! I LOVE the rear baskets on mine. The other day (in between rain), Hubby and I rode to the grocery store, and we fit a six-pack, a bottle of wine, a T-bone, and my bag in them. So convenient! Go for the basket. You’ll love it.

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