Perfect Summer Nails by Essie

I know the white mani has been around, like for-ev-er…but I wasn’t that girl in junior high who painted her nails with White-Out to test the look. It really never appealed me, kind of like black polish never appealed to me until a certain nail shape (and an outfit not comprised of a black tee and spikes) made it look glam instead of goth.

Well, I’ve come around. In my 40th year, a crisp white manicure suddenly seems chic and relevant, thanks to the Aussie bloggers who’ve been haunting my Bloglovin’ feed. These ladies wear it well: on short, impeccably manicured, squoval nails; on perfectly-pedicured feet; in Australia, in Europe, in summer, in winter.

As such, for me, white is the new black…

Essie Blanc nail polish

Essie Blanc on nails  •   Michael Kors Lexington watch
Michael Kors white skinny jeans (OMG, so comfy!)  •  Witchery fur vest

So, about the mani. Essie Blanc was recommended to me, and it was exactly what I was hoping for. Many white polishes are actually transparent; when I asked for a recommendation, I made sure to specify that I wanted an opaque polish that would yield bold, non-sheer color in two coats. Who has time for more than two coats, plus top coats, etc.? Not moi.

Products for a Quick-Drying, Long-Lasting White Manicure

I confess: I had my manicurist paint my nails (I was due for some cuticle clean-up), and I used the salon’s bottle of Blanc to test-drive the color. You know how at the salon, they pile on three-to-four coats with very little dry time in between? Well, even after fan-drying for 10 minutes, my nails were still a little squishy—but I LOVED the shade and knew I needed to get a bottle, stat. Plus, I needed to put on my rubber gloves and do my toes too. (Yes, I must have matchy-matchy fingers and toes.)

I headed straight from the salon to Ulta to pick up Essie Blanc, plus two other goodies, brilliant products for keeping my fresh mani flawless:

essie blanc, non-yellowing UV top coat, and quick-e nail drying drops

Essie Blanc  •  Essie Non-Yellowing Top Coat  •  Essie Quick-E Drying Drops


After very carefully driving/picking/paying with my squishy nails, I used the Quick-E Drying Drops immediately. Not kidding. Immediately in the car. Uh, WOW. The drops really worked! I was pleasantly surprised, and excited to have a new weapon in my nail kit. These drops are especially helpful when you need your pedicure to dry fast in order to don shoes again.

When I got home, I washed my hands because the drops have oil in them, and applied Essie Non-Yellowing Top Coat. This product is critical for white, nude, or pale manis. There is nothing worse than seeing your nail polish turn yellowish after a day at the pool or a week of indirect sun exposure. A top coat with UV protection is the only way to stop that from happening, so ladies, even if you have a pro managing your mani, be sure to grab a bottle and swipe a fresh coat on every couple days to keep your fingers—and toes—looking freshly polished and fabulous.

PS: This is not a sponsored post. I was not paid to promote these Essie products…they just happen to rock, so I wanted to tell you about them. 😉


  1. I was hesitant about the white mani too, but I found a good white I love a couple of months ago (OPI Alpine Snow) and I know it’s going to be a summer staple for me. Blanc was one of the colors I considered! Good to hear a rec on the Quick-E drops as well. Always looking to speed up the drying process!

  2. I really like your white mani and agree that Essie polish is nice. It does need to be the right shade of white though, so good to know this one is opaque with 2 coats. I first tried Essie from J.Crew in their matchy colors. 🙂

  3. I’ve been obsessed with white accessories (bags, sunglasses, jewelry) for several years now, so I am excited to see white manis having their day! Love this look on you 🙂

  4. LOVED this post! I am in the process of switching over to all Essie products for nails because I am just that obsessed. I’ll have to swing by an ulta to get those products, though, because they dont’ carry them at CVS to my knowledge. Love this white!

  5. I can’t remember not liking white nail polish. It has a kind of 1960’s vibe that I really like. I also have a favorite white from Essie, but its not the one you used. I’m away from home at the moment so I can’t check, but its my favorite color. I love white nail polish on my toes in the spring and summer because it goes with everything but looks fresh and pretty! Yours look beautiful as always.

  6. I have those drops, too. They’re a total life saver! Also, I hate waiting for manicures to dry, so I do become the Queen of Smudged Manis here and there.

  7. V I’m totally with you on the white mani… it IS hard to find a good opaque white though! I was also on the hunt for an off-white, slightly cream colour, for ages, and that proved to be even harder. Finally found “Milk” by Look Beauty, though I don’t know if it’s only available in the UK. It’s cream and perfectly opaque, makes a nice alternative to bright white! BTW thanks for the tips – must get me some of those drops!!

    Catherine x

  8. I love the white manicure and it’s quite rare seeing women rocking it. I don’t know if it’s because it’s hard to find a polish that does a good job or people are just scared off by it being white. But I think it’s just as striking as a vivid colour and more noticeable in some ways because it’s not as common as other shades.

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