Aussie Bloggers Do It Best: Summer Style

You know what’s great about having two hemispheres with opposite seasons? There’s the potential to escape your current weather reality, yes. There is also the ability to witness summer style unfolding ahead of our own season—a sneak preview, if you will.

While we’re shivering in the north, our blogging sisters in the southern hemisphere are reveling in warmer weather, in outfits that are a little boho, a little sophisticated, and totally cool. Having lived in Australia for a time, one thing I know for sure is that summer style is what Aussies do best.

Be inspired…


White nails—in summer or winter. White pumps. White skirts.

Superbloggers Down Under know how to work white, even when they find themselves in Europe in the dead of winter. Considering the U.S. fashion scene is New York-based, and everything about New York is so black, the way these ladies fearlessly wield white is refreshing.

They’ve got me thinking it’s time to ditch the red talons and go to a chic white nail. And even a white pump. Now that’s influence—I abandoned the thought of ever donning a white shoe again about 10+ years ago

Aussie bloggers wearing whiteImages: Top: Gary Pepper Vintage, Tuula Vintage  Bottom: Gary Pepper VintageTuula Vintage

Aussie bloggers wearing whiteImages: Tuula Vintage (via Instagram)Harper & Harley (via Instagram)Candice Lake


They’ve got the art of the streamlined bag down to a science, and the clutches they carry are art. In summer, especially, who needs a big ol’ bag weighing down an airy look?

We could all learn a thing or two from these clutch queens; there is nothing less chic than looking like a laden pack mule.

Aussie bloggers with their clever clutch bags

Images clockwise from left, all via Instagram:
Micha Giannelli, Micha GiannelliMicha Giannelli, Harper & Harley, Tash Sefton, Gary Pepper VintageOracle Fox

Aussie bloggers with their clever clutch bagsImages: Gary Pepper Vintage, Tuula Vintage, Gary Pepper Vintage (via Instagram)


Whether they’re wearing cutoffs, a skirt, or a dress, these Aussies illustrate the brilliant contradiction that is bare legs and booties—no matter where in the world they find themselves. Of course, they’ve been schooled by the best: Christine Centenera of Vogue Australia.

The tan is optional, but if you’re so inclined (or self-conscious about your legs), add some self-tanner to your arsenal.

Christine CenteneraImages of Christine Centenera via Pinterest

Aussie bloggers wearing bootiesImages via Instagram: Tuula VintageElle Ferguson, Tash Sefton

Aussie bloggers wearing bootiesImages via Instagram: Elle Ferguson, Oracle Fox

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Are you as crazy about Aussie style as I am?


  1. The Aussie style scene is literally like a breath of fresh air with a slap directly following! I guess I’ve been under a rock, but when I saw pics of Aussie Fashion Week and their amazing street style, I fell in love! Totally envious of the way they mix boho and classic!

  2. I mean wow. So many gorgeous offerings. Way to be Aussies! And thank you for your help with the whole eczema thing! It’s such a process!

  3. Love Aussie Style, Oxford street in Sydney was always such fab day for people watching on Saturdays! I love how they embrace colour in a big way too and they do their own thing style-wise rather than straight of the catwalk/high street inspiration.
    Melbourne was always brilliant for fashion bunny watching too!

  4. Thanks for putting me onto these blogs. Other than Lee, I don’t think I’ve ever come across any other Aussie blogs. But the ones you posted look great.

    I love the all-white-everything look and especially nails, I think you have to wait until high summer for white shoes in some locations otherwise they’d just get ruined. It’s rare over here we could go a day where that wouldn’t be the case.

    The short hem/bootie combo is definitely a winner if you’ve got a great set of legs and want the world to know about it. It immediately draws my eyes to that point of the body every time.

  5. Another opus, Vahni!

    Right when I was about to say, “Australia! Please stop with the peplums. It’s a rash of the midsection now. Give it a rest, already!” (As over here, they are in every Chic-a-bootie & Bardot & you-name-it..)

    I saw that gorgeous snakeskin & neon one you have posted! Wow!!!

    Now that, I’d wear. Nay, hunt down to find!

    Great post and thanks for turning me on to more awesome Aussie bloggers to follow! Love it!!!
    XO Dee

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