On My Radar: CND Vinylux Weekly Polish

Lustrous, tough shine.  No chipping for at least a week. NO UV or LED lights. Dry in eight minutes. Easy, no-soak removal.

Uh, hello CND Vinylux Weekly Polish!

As someone who has tried all manner of manicure manifestations—from stickers to gels, to most recently, old-school acrylics—this product may be just the nail solution I’ve been dreaming about. ‘Cause, you know, I can’t just go au natur-nail. Nails must be done. That’s my thing.

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish
Image via CND.com.

According to CND:

“VINYLUX Weekly Polish and Weekly Top Coat are a system that is uniquely designed to work together. Patent-pending ProLight technology creates a powerful network of cross-linked polymer bonds that build resistance to chips and enhance durability with exposure to natural light over time. Really!”

Vinylux is hitting salons in the next few weeks (you can bet I’m going to try it if/when I grow out my acrylics). And the color range is similar to existing CND products, and includes Hollywood, one of my favorites!

If you’re curious, here’s a video from CND about this new product.


Have any of you gotten your tips on CND Vinylux yet?



  1. Intriguing! Especially the at-home removal part. Still looks like something I’d kill in a couple of days, as I’m not one for wearing gloves for housework and childrearing (I’d be spending my entire day in gloves, pretty much). But I await reviews and caveats for this technique with wary hope.

  2. Very impressive, technology-wise, and no base coat! This does sound kind of amazing actually! I would probably give it a try initially just because of the “no-chipping” bonus.

    1. CND makes GREAT products. Their Stickey base coat is a total game-changer for natural nail manis. And I slather on their cuticle oil every night.

  3. I just got my first bottle of Vinylux..”Hot Chilis”. I have been a nail tech for 20+ years..have seen it all.

    I am not impressed at all. Its just another nail polish. Nothing special. The second coat took forever to dry and it smudges bad. The top coat is like the Shellac top coat..same smell. Thought I needed to cure it. After 2 hours I could take my nail to others and simply peel off.

    Nothing special..do not waste your time on this!

  4. I put vinelux on a week ago. I went about my normal daily routines without pampering my nails, it stayed on without chipping. When the weekend came I had a lot of yard work to do. I did my yard work with out wearing gloves. I was amazed only one nail had a slight chip after all this. The shine stayed all week too until I started digging with my hands in the potting soil. After potting 25 pots the shine was still there but seemed a bit duller.

    It went on & comes off just like regular nail polish (need to use acetone vs nonacetone remover). It dries much quicker than regular polish. I didn’t have problems with smudging or peeling like a previous user that responded.

    It is ideal for me. From my one week of experience it is what I’ve been looking for to keep my nails looking nice without all the maintence of chipping polish. It’s not time consuming like shellac so feel I can change the color when I want. I might now go to a salon for a manicure using vinelux knowing the polish will last. I didn’t like paying for a manicure when the polish didn’t last long.

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